Aethelhelm of Wessex b 868


Likeness Unknown


Father – Aethelred I
Mother – Wulfthryth
Spouse – Unmarried
Children – No children



868 (around)
A son Aethelhelm, was born to King Aethelred I of Wessex and his wife Wulfthryth.
869 (around)
Athelhelm’s brother, Aethelwold, was born to Aethelred and Wulfrida.
871 (22nd March)
Battle of Merton
Aethelhelm’s father, Aethelred was badly injured in this battle against the Vikings.
871 (23rd April)
Aethelhelm’s father, King Aethelred, died from injuries sustained in the Battle of Merton. Although he was the eldest son of Aethelred, Aethelhelm was thought too young to succeed his father and so Aethelred’s younger brother, Alfred, became King.
880s (during)
Aethelhelm was mentioned as a beneficiary in a will drawn up by King Alfred.
899 (before)
Aethelhelm is thought to have died since it was his younger brother, Aethelwold, that contested the succession of Alfred’s son Edward in 899.


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