Elizabeth (Bessie) Blount 1500-1540

Bessie Blount


Father – John Blount
Mother – Katherine Blount
Spouse – Gilbert Tailboys, Edward Fiennes de Clinton
Children – Henry Fitzroy, Elizabeth, George, Robert, Bridget, Katherine, Margaret



1500 (around)
A daughter, Elizabeth, known as Bessie, was born to John and Katherine Blount at Kinlet, Shropshire.
1501 (early)
Bessie’s mother was appointed lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon at Ludlow.
1502 (April)
Bessie’s mother was dismissed from her post as lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon after Prince Arthur died and the court at Ludlow was disbanded.
1509 (21st April)
Henry VII died and he was succeeded by his son as Henry VIII.
1509 (11th June)
Henry VIII married his brother’s widow, Catherine of Aragon.
1512 (March)
Bessie was appointed maid of honour to Catherine of Aragon
1514 (during)
Bessie was noticed by King Henry VIII during a masqued ball.
1514 (July)
Bessie’s father was given a gift of £146 by the King, evidence of the King’s interest in his daughter.
1519 (15th June)
A son, Henry, was born to Bessie and Henry VIII at the Priory of Lawrence, Blackmore, Essex.
1519 (15th June)
Bessie’s son, Henry, was raised by a nanny, Agnes Partridge and Thomas Wolsey was put in charge of his overall care.
1519 (after 15th June)
Bessie’s son was christened Henry Fitzroy (King’s son) and Thomas Wolsey was one of his godparents.
1519 (August)
Henry VIII spent time at Havering-atte-Bowe which was close to where Henry Fitzroy was housed. It is known that he spent time with his son but not known whether he saw Bessie during the visits.
1519 (September)
Henry VIII moved to Beaulieu but was still fairly close to Henry Fitzroy.
1520 (during)
Bessie, gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth. It is not known whether or not Henry VIII was the father.
1522 (during)
Bessie married Gilbert Tailboys. King Henry VIII gave Bessie property worth £200 per year.
1523 (during)
A son, George, was born to Bessie and Gilbert Tailboys.
1524 (around)
A son, Robert, was born to Bessie and Gilbert Tailboys.
1530 (15th April)
Bessie’s husband, Gilbert Tailboys, died.
1535 (12th February)
Bessie married Edward Fiennes de Clinton.
1536 (during)
A daughter, Bridget, was born to Bessie and Edward Clinton.
1536 (early July)
Bessie’s son, Henry was taken ill with chest pains and a cough.
1536 (23rd July)
Bessie’s son, Henry died at St James’s Palace, London. It is thought he died either of tuberculosis or of sweatting sickness.
1538 (during)
A daughter, Katherine, was born to Bessie and Edward Clinton.
1539 (during)
A daughter, Margaret, was born to Bessie and Edward Clinton.
1540 (during)
Bessie served as lady-in-waiting to Anne of Cleves.
1540 (during)
Bessie died.


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