Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond 1519 – 1536


Henry Fitzroy


Father – King Henry VIII
Mother – Bessie Blount
Spouse – Mary Howard
Children – No children



1519 (15th June)
A son, Henry, was born illegitimately to Henry VIII and Elizabeth (Bessie) Blount, who had been a maid of honour to Catherine of Aragon, at the Priory of Lawrence, Blackmore, Essex.
1519 (15th June)
Henry was raised by a nanny, Agnes Partridge and Thomas Wolsey was put in charge of his overall care.
1519 (after 15th June)
Henry was christened Henry Fitzroy (King’s son) and Thomas Wolsey was one of his godparents.
1520 (during)
Henry’s mother, Bessie Blount, gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth. It is not known whether or not Henry VIII was the father.
1522 (during)
Henry’s father, Henry VIII, began an affair with Mary Boleyn.
1522 (during)
Henry’s mother married Gilbert Tailboys.
1525 (during)
Henry was given his own household at Durham House, London.
1525 (7th June)
Henry was made a Knight of the Garter at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.
1525 (18th June)
Henry was created Earl of Nottingham, Duke of Richmond and Duke of Somerset at Bridewell Place.
1525 (22nd June)
Henry was created Warden General of the Northern Marches.
1525 (Summer)
Henry was created Lord High Admiral of England, Lord President of the Council of the North and Warden of the Marches towards Scotland.
1525 (28th August)
Henry moved north to Yorkshire as befitted his role as President of the Council of the North and Warden of the Marches towards Scotland. He was tutored by Richard Croke.
1529 (9th August)
Henry was summoned to attend Parliament.
1529 (17th October)
Thomas Wolsey was dismissed for failing to obtain a divorce for Henry VIII. Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk took over the control of Henry Fitzroy’s education and care.
1532 (during)
Henry accompanied his father, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn to Calais for a meeting with Francis I. Henry then remained at the French court.
1533 (November)
Henry returned to England to prepare for his wedding.
1533 (26th November)
Henry married Mary Howard, daughter of the Duke of Norfolk.
1534 (17th May)
Henry was created Lieutenant of the Order of the Garter.
1535 (May)
Henry was present at the execution of Carthusian monks who had refused to swear the Oath of Supremacy.
1536 (19th May)
Henry was at Tower Green where he witnessed the execution of Anne Boleyn.
1536 (30th May)
Henry’s father, Henry VIII, married Jane Seymour.
1536 (early July)
Henry was taken ill with chest pains and a cough.
1536 (23rd July)
Henry died at St James’s Palace, London. It is thought he died either of tuberculosis or of sweatting sickness.


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