Isabella of Valois 1389 – 1409


Isabella of Valois


Father – King Charles VI of France
Mother – Isabeau of Bavaria
Spouse – King Richard II of England and Wales, Charles of Orleans
Children – Joan




1389 (9th November)
A daughter, Isabella, was born to King Charles VI of France and Isabeau of Bavaria.
1391 (24th January)
Isabella’s sister, Jeanne, was born to Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria.
1392 (6th February)
Isabella’s brother, Charles, was born to Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria.
1393 (22nd August)
Isabella’s sister, Marie, was born to Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria.
1395 (11th January)
Isabella’s sister, Louis, was born to Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria.
1396 (during)
Isabella’s father, Charles VI negotiated a twenty-eight year truce with Richard II of England at Ardres. The Treaty was to be sealed by the marriage of Richard to Charles’s daughter Isabella.
1396 (October)
Isabella left Paris and journeyed north to meet Richard at Ardres.
1396 (26th October)
Isabella, her parents and their retinue met Richard at Ardres.
1396 (After 26th October)
Isabella was made a Lady of the Garter.
1396 (31st October)
Isabella, aged 7 years married King Richard II of England at St Nicholas Church, Calais, France.
1396 (2nd November)
Isabella and Richard travelled to England. Due to her age, Isabella did not live with Richard but was given her own household at Windsor Castle. Richard visited her regularly.
1397 (7th January)
Isabella was crowned Queen of England at Westminster Abbey.
1397 (22nd January)
Isabella’s brother, Louis, was born to Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria.
1397 (February)
Isabella accompanied Richard on a pilgrimage to Canterbury.
1398 (31st August)
Isabella’s brother, John, was born to Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria.
1399 (May)
Isabella was moved to Portchester Castle. Richard was leaving England for Ireland and felt that she would be safer there.
1399 (19th August)
While Richard was in Ireland, his cousin, Henry of Bolingbroke landed at Ravenspur in Yorkshire. With the support of Henry Percy Earl of Northumberland and Thomas Arundel, exiled Archbishop of Canterbury he took the throne.
1399 (29th September)
On his return from Ireland Richard was arrested and imprisoned in Pontefract Castle. He was forced to abdicate the throne in favour of his cousin, Henry of Bolingbroke who became King Henry IV.
1399 (October)
Isabella was placed under house arrest at Sonning Palace, home of the Bishop of Salisbury.
1400 (14th February)
Isabella’s husband, Richard, died, possibly from starvation at Pontefract Castle, Yorkshire.
1400 (Spring)
King Henry IV proposed a match between Isabella and his son, Henry. Isabella refused the match stating her wish to return to France.
1401 (13th January)
Isabella’s brother, Charles, Dauphin of France, died.
1401 (May)
King Henry IV finally agreed to let Isabella return to France.
1401 (21st July)
Isabella was formally handed back to France by the Earl of Worcester at Calais.
1401 (27th October)
Isabella’s sister, Catherine, was born to Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria.
1403 (22nd February)
Isabella’s brother, Charles, was born to Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria.
1406 (early)
King Henry IV of England again suggested that Isabella marry his son, Henry. The suggestion was refused by the French.
1406 (29th June)
Isabella married Charles, son of Louis, Duke of Orleans.
1407 (10th Novmeber)
Isabella’s brother, Philip, was born to Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria. He died the same month.
1407 (23rd November)
Isabella’s father-in-law, Louis Duke of Orleans, was assassinated in Paris, France. Her husband, Charles became Duke of Orleans.
1409 (13th September)
Isabella died shortly after giving birth to a daughter, Joan.


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