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  • 0-9 1st - 10th Century Wars 11th - 14th Century Wars 15th Century Wars 16th Century Wars 17th Century Wars 18th Century Wars 19th Century Wars 20th Century Wars 21st Century Wars A Adolf Hitler  Adolf Hitler Assassination Attempts Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians Aethelred the Unready Aethelstan King of…
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  • This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 930 - 939The king of England for this period was Aethelstan   931 (during)Aethelstan received homage from the Welsh rulers at Hereford.933 (during)Aethelstan's half-brother, Edwin, died.934 (May)Aethelstan marched north to invade Scotland. Although the exact reason…
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  •  This timeline details what is known of the life of Hereward, known as the Hereward the Wake c1035 - 1072  Between 1035 and 1045Details of Hereward's date of birth and parentage are conflicting. Historians cite the following as possible parents of Hereward:1. Leofric of Bourne and his wife Edith 2. Leofric…
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  •  This timeline details the life of Eadwig, son of Edmund I, King of England, from birth in 941 to his death in 959  941 (during)Eadwig, was born to King Edmund and his wife Aelfgith943 (during)Eadwig's brother Edgar, was born to Edmund and Aelfgith943 (during)King Edmund made an alliance with King Olaf…
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  •  This timeline details the life of Cnut the Great, King of England, from birth 994 to his death in 1035   994 (during)A son, Cnut, was born to Sweyn Forkbeard and his wife, the Polish princess, Gunhilda.994 (during)Cnut's father, Sweyn Forkbeard and his ally Olaf Trygvasson sailed up the River Thames and…
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