Wars Fought in the Balkans 376 to 1995

Balkans Wars


This timeline details the main wars that have taken place in the Balkans region




376 to 382
First Gothic War (Part of the Germanic Wars)
Roman Empire against Goths
839 to 842
Bulgarian-Serbian War
Serbian Kingdom against Bulgarian Empire
854 to 1000
Bulgarian-Croatian War
Croatian Kingdom against Bulgarian Empire
1876, 30th June to 1877, 28th February
Serbo-Turkish War
Serbia against Ottoman Empire
1877, 24th April to 1878, 3rd March
Russo-Turkish War
Russia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro against Ottoman Empire
1912, 8th October to 1913, 13th May
First Balkan War
Ottoman Empire against Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria
1913, 16th June to 1913, 18th July
Second Balkan War
Bulgaria against Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Ottoman Empire, Romania
1939, 1st September to 1945, 2nd September
World War II Balkans Campaign
Axis Powers – Germany, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria against against Allies – United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Yugoslavia
1988, 1st March to 1999, 10th June
Kosovo War
Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, NATO against Yugoslavia
1991, 31st March to 1995, 12th November
Croatian War of Independence
Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina against Yugoslavia, Serbs
1991, 27th June to 1991, 7th July
The Ten Day War
Slovenia against Yugoslavia
1992, 1st March 1995, 14th December
Bosnian War
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, NATO against Yugoslavia


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Heather Y Wheeler. (2015). Wars Fought in the Balkans 376 to 1995. Available: http://www.totallytimelines.com/wars-fought-in-the-balkans-376-to-1995. Last accessed November 24th, 2017


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