Wulfthryth of Wilton 937 – 1000


Likeness Unknown


Father – Unknown
Mother – Unknown
Spouse – Edgar
Children – Eadgyth



937 (around)
A daughter, Wulfthryth was born. Her parents are unknown but she is recorded as being of noble birth.
962 (around)
Wulfthryth was abducted from Wilton Abbey by King Edgar. He took her to Sevenoaks. It is not known whether she married Edgar or not.
963 (around)
A daughter, Eadgyth, was born to Wulfthryth and Edgar at Sevenoaks.
964 (around)
Wulfthryth returned to the abbey at Wilton taking her daughter with her.
964 (after)
Wulfthryth became abbess of Wilton. She remained on good terms with King Edgar who made grants of money to the abbey.
975 (8th July)
King Edgar died. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Edward.
978 (18th March)
King Edward was murdered in Corfe Castle, Wareham, Dorset. It is believed that he was murdered by men acting on the orders of Edward’s step-mother Aelfthryth, mother of Aethelred who succeeded to the throne.
984 (15th September)
Wulfthryth’s daughter, Eadgyth, died. She was buried at Wilton. She was later made a saint.
1000 (around)
Wulfthryth died and was buried in St Mary’s Church, Wilton. She was later made a saint.


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