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Today in History – 30th July 1488

Death of Clarice Orsini

Clarice OrsiniClarice Orsini, wife of Lorenzo de Medici, died in Florence Italy.

Timeline  of Clarice Orsini


This Week in History

31st July 1917 – The Battle of Passchendale began. The four month WWI battle on the Western Front saw the allies defeated by Germany.
1st August 1714 – The death of Queen Anne saw the end of the Stuart period. She was succeeded by her remote kinsman, George of Hanover.
2nd August 1100King William II was killed by an arrow while hunting in the New Forest.
3rd August 1347 – The French town of Calais, which had been placed under siege in September 1346, fell to the English.
4th August 1914 – Britain issued an ultimatum to Germany to remove its troops from Belgium by midnight. Germany did not comply and Britain declared war on Germany for violating Belgian neutrality.








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