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Today in History – 19th September 1416


Piero de Medici the Gouty

Piero de Medici, was born to Cosimo de Medici and his wife Contessina de Bardi in Florence. He was nicknamed ‘the gouty’ because his health was not good.


This Week in History

20th September 1066 – Battle of Fulford – Earl Morcar of Northumbria and Earl Edwin of Mercia called up their reserves and met the forces of Hardrada and Tostig at Fulford. The English earls were easily defeated by the Norwegians and fled.
21st September 1327Edward II died while in custody. He had been forced to abdicate in favour of his son earlier in the year 
22nd September 1411 – Richard Duke of York was born the son of Richard of Conisburgh and Anne Mortimer. His father was the grandson of King Edward III. 
23rd September 63 BCEOctavian was born Gaius Octavius Thurinus to Gaius Octavius and Atia Balba Caesonia, niece to Julius Caesar, at Ox Head on the Palatine Hill in Rome. 
24th September 1957 – Little Rock Nine – President Eisenhower sent the US army to Little Rock to escort nine black students into school. The students were being prevented from entering Little Rock School Arkansas by the state governor.








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