Welcome to Totally Timelines

Established in 2013 by Heather Y Wheeler, Totally Timelines aims to offer detailed timelines on a wide range of subjects including historical topics and popular culture.  There are currently around 900 timelines on the site covering historical and popular culture topics. The lists below are some of the most popular.

Famous People

Christopher Columbus
Christopher Colombus
Alfred the Great
Adolf Hitler
Queen Elizabeth II
Grigory Rasputin
Joseph Stalin
Julius Caesar
King Henry VIII
Napoleon Bonaparte
Vladimir Lenin
William the Conqueror

Politics and Current Affairs

Politics Timelines - Brexit Flags

Brexit Key Events
21st Century Wars
Prime Ministers of the UK
Presidents of the USA
Chancellors of Germany
Presidents of France
Taoiseach of Ireland

Historical Events

Popular Events Timelines Great Fire of London
Great Fire of London
Black Death
Peasant’s Revolt
Wars of the Roses
Spanish Armada
English Civil War
Industrial Revolution
American War of Independence
World War One Causes
The Holocaust
Vietnam War
Falklands War

Top Exam Revision

Cold War

Norman Conquest
The Tudors
The Reformation
The French Revolution
The American Dream
Tsarist Russia
Crime and Punishment in Britain
Peace and War: International Relations 1900 – 1939
World War One
Nazi Germany
Britain 1930 – 1997
World War Two

Popular Monarchy

Monarchy Timelines Kings of France

Kings and Queens of England
Kings and Queens of Scotland
Kings and Queens of Spain
Kings of France
Kings and Queens of Denmark
Tsars of Russia

Historical Periods

Ancient Egypt Timeline

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Anglo Saxons

TV and Film Related

TV and Film Timelines Coronation of Nicholas II Tsars of Russia

Queen Elizabeth II (The Crown)
Prince Charles (The Crown)
Queen Victoria (Victoria)
Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)
Ivar the Boneless (Vikings)
King Alfred the Great (Last Kingdom)
Uhtred the Bold (Last Kingdom)
King Henry V (The King)
Elton John (Crocodile Rock)
Freddie Mercury (Bohemian Rhapsody)
Cosimo de Medici (Medici)
Lorenzo the Magnificent (Medici)
Raedwald King of East Anglia (The Dig)

Top Music

Music Timelines Glastonbury stage

Glastonbury Festival
UK No 1 Singles Charts 2020
UK No 1 Singles Charts 2021
Ariana Grande
Billie Eilish
Ed Sheeran
Queen (Group)
Rod Stewart
Taylor Swift
Justin Bieber
The Beatles


Sport Timelines FIFA World Cup
England Football Team Managers
FIFA World Cup Winners
Summer Olympics
Winter Olympics
Wimbledon Mens’ Singles Winners
Rugby World Cup Winners
Cricket World Cup Winners
BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Natural World

Atlantic Hurricanes 2020

Atlantic Hurricanes and Storms 2020
UK Storms 2021
David Attenborough


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