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Today in History – 21st June 1377

King Edward III died

Edward IIIKing Edward III died. His eldest son, Edward the Black Prince had died earlier so he was succeeded by his grandson, Richard II. 

Timeline for King Edward III


This Week in History

22nd June 1535John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, was executed by beheading for refusing to sign the Act of Supremacy.
23rd June 79 CE – The Roman Emperor Vespasian died. He was succeeded by his son, Titus.
24th June 1532Robert Dudley, Tudor courtesan and favourite of Elizabeth I, was born to John Dudley and Jane Guildford.
25th June 1950 – War began between North and South Korea after the North invaded the South.
26th June 1830 – King George IV died. He was succeeded by his brother William IV.
27th June 1746 – Bonnie Prince Charlie reached the Isle of Skye after escaping the English, disguised as a maid, with the help of Flora MacDonald.








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