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Today in History – 19th January 1917

Zimmerman telegram

WWI Zimmerman Telegram – Germany sent a message to Mexico proposing that the country enter the war in alliance with Germany. After the war Mexico would be granted the return of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

This Week in History

20th January 1649King Charles I was tried for treason by a High Court of Justice specially set up for the trial. Many members of parliament secretly objected to the trial and stayed away.
21st January 1549 – The Act of Uniformity, introduced by Edward Seymour with King Edward VI’s full approval, outlawed many Roman Catholic practices and introduced the Protestant Book of Common Prayer.
22nd January 1905Bloody Sunday – Russian Cossacks opened fire on peaceful protestors delivering a petition to the Winter Palace for fairer conditions. More than 200 were killed and 500 injured in the shootings. 
23rd January1045Edward the Confessor married Edith, daughter of Earl Godwin of Wessex, the most powerful nobleman.
24th January 1965Winston Churchill died at his home in Hyde Park Gate, London.
25th January 1533King Henry VIII secretly married Anne Boleyn in the King’s chapel at Whitehall.



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