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Today in History – 5th December 1969

Ireland partition

The Anglo-Irish Treaty ended the Irish War of Independence. It provided for the partition of Ireland with Northern Ireland remaining part of the United Kingdom with the rest of Ireland becoming the Irish Free State.


This Week in History

7th December 1941Pearl Harbor – Japan made a surprise air strike on the US Fleet at Pearl Harbor destroying 8 battleships and 188 aircraft. 2,403 Americans lost their lives.
8th December 1542 – Birth of Mary Queen of Scots to King James V and Mary of Guise.
9th December 1688Mary of Modena, wife of King James II, disguised herself and left England for France after it became clear that William of Orange would take the throne with his wife Mary II.
10th December 1936King Edward VIII formally abdicated the British throne so he could marry divorcee Wallis Simpson.
11th December 1475Pope Leo X was born Giovanni de Medici to Lorenzo the Magnificant and Clarice Orsini in Florence.
12th December 1992Princess Anne married Timothy Laurence, a Royal Navy Commander, at Crathie Kirk, Scotland.



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