King Edward I of England 1239 – 1307


Edward I

Father – King Henry III
Mother – Eleanor of Provence
Spouse – Eleanor of Castile, Margaret of France
Children – Eleanor, Joan, John, Henry, Katherine, Joan, Alfonso, Margaret, Berengaria, Mary, Isabella, Elizabeth, Edward, Beatrice, Blanche, Thomas, Edmund, Eleanor
King of England – 1272 – 1307
Predecessor – Henry III
Successor – Edward II



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European Migrant Crisis 2011 – Present Day

European Migrant CrisisThis timeline details the main events in the European Migrant Crisis, sometimes called Refugee Crisis from 2011 to present day.

The Migrant Crisis began following the Arab Spring and the outbreak of civil war in Syria when thousands of people left their homes to escape the war. As conditions worsened people began to try to reach Europe in the hope of claiming asylum and seeking a better life. People smugglers soon took advantage taking large sums of money for a seat on overcrowded boats and dinghies sailing from Turkey to Greece. People smugglers also began trafficking people on overcrowded boats and dinghies from Libya to Italy.

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