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Totally Timelines is owned, produced and written by Heather Y Wheeler BA (Hons). 

After gaining my degree in European Humanities I went on to become a Secondary School History teacher. I created my first history website, History on the Net, in November 2000. 

I work full time as a private tutor and also give guided tours of 1066 sites in East Sussex.


Totally Timelines currently attracts around 120,000 visitors per month with 300,000 monthly page views. We attract visitors from around the world but predominantly from the UK and the US.


In 2013 I sold History on the Net to new buyers and was looking for a new challenge. The move to the digital age has meant that people are looking for information that can be easily accessed by a range of technologies. Presenting History in a timeline format enables visitors to quickly scroll to the date or dates they are interested in, find the information they require and then either move on or continue reading. 

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The timelines presented on Totally Timelines aim to appeal to a wide audience and include topics studied in school and college as well as popular culture items. The most popular timelines are featured on the home page.


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Totally Timelines is based in the south of England and is written in British English.


I write all the timelines myself in my spare time and I aim to produce at least four timelines a week. 


All timelines are thoroughly researched using at least three different sources.

The site is supported by advertising Amazon products in the right side bar and below each timeline. I am committed to ensuring that the site remains free to access and will not use intrusive and irrelevant adverts. However, the advertising revenue received does not cover all the costs of the site. 


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