Aethelwold of Wessex 869 – 902


Likeness Unknown


Father – Aethelred I
Mother – Wulfthryth
Spouse – Unmarried
Children – No children



869 (around)
A son, Aethelwold, was born to King Aethelred I of Wessex and his wife, Wulfthryth. He was the couple’s second son, Aethelhelm had been born around 868.
871 (22nd March)
Battle of Merton
Aethelwold’s father, Aethelred was badly injured in this battle against the Vikings.
871 (23rd April)
Aethelwold’s father, King Aethelred, died from injuries sustained in the Battle of Merton. Aethelwold’s brother, Aethelhelm, was thought too young to succeed his father and so Aethelred’s younger brother, Alfred, became King.
880s (during)
Aethelwold was mentioned as a beneficiary in a will drawn up by King Alfred.
885 (around)
Alfred began putting in place measures to ensure his own son, Edward, succeeded him rather than his nephews Aethelhelm and Aethelwold. Alfred claimed to have the support of the Witan for his son to succeed him.
890s (during)
Aethelwold’s brother, Aethelhelm, is thought to have died since he disappeared from records.
899 (26th October)
Alfred died. He was succeeded by his son, Edward, known as Edward The Elder.
900 (during)
Aethelwold contested the succession and rose up against Edward, challenging him for the throne. Aethelwold took Wimborne in Dorset, the place where is father, King Aethelred, was buried, then took Christchurch in Sussex. Edward marched to Badbury and offered Aethelwold the chance for battle but Aethelwold took the decision not to fight but instead rode north.
900 (8th June)
Edward was crowned King of the Angles and Saxons.
901 (during)
Aethelwold was made King of York and received the allegiance of the Northern Vikings.
901 (Autumn)
Aethelwold and the Northern Vikings landed in Essex and allied with the East Anglian Vikings.
902 (during)
Aethelwold and his Viking force made raids into Mercia and Wessex.
902 (13th December)
The Battle of Holme
Aethelwold was killed in this battle which saw Edward defeated.


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