Animated Disney Films 1937 to Present Day

Disney LogoThis timeline gives a chronological listing of all animated films produced by Walt Disney from 1937 to present day

1937 (December 21st)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
1940 (February 7th)
1941 (October 23rd)
1942 (August 13th)
1946 (April 20th)
Make Mine Music
1949 (October 5th)
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad
1950 (February 15th)
1951 (July 28th)
Alice in Wonderland
1953 (February 5th)
Peter Pan
1955 (June 22nd)
The Lady and the Tramp
1959 (January 29th)
Sleeping Beauty
1961 (January 25th)
101 Dalmations
1963 (December25th)
The Sword in the Stone
1967 (October 18th)
The Jungle Book
1970 (December 24th)
The Aristocats
1973 (November 8th)
Robin Hood
1977 (March 11th)
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
1977 (June 22nd)
The Rescuers
1981 (July 10th)
The Fox and the Hound
1985 (July 24th)
The Black Cauldron
1986 (July 2nd)
The Great Mouse Detective
1988 (November 18th)
Oliver and Company
1989 (November 17th)
The Little Mermaid
1990 (August 3rd)
Duck Tales The Movie – Treasure of the Lost Lamp
1991 (November 22nd)
Beauty and the Beast
1992 (November 5th)
1994 (June 24th)
The Lion King
1995 (April 7th)
A Goofy Movie
1995 (June 23rd)
1995 (November 22nd)
Toy Story
1996 (June 21st)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1997 (June 22nd)
1998 (June 19th)
1998 (November 25th)
A Bug’s Life
1999 (March 26th)
Doug’s 1st Movie
1999 (June 18th)
1999 (November 24th)
Toy Story 2
2000 (February 11th)
The Tigger Movie
2000 (May 19th)
2000 (December 15th)
The Emperor’s New Groove
2001 (February 16th)
Recess – School’s Out
2001 (June 15th)
Atlantis – The Lost Empire
2001 (November 2nd)
Monsters Inc
2002 (February 15th)
Return to Never Land
2002 (June 22nd)
Lilo and Stitch
2002 (November 27th)
Treasure Planet
2003 (February 14th)
Jungle Book 2
2003 (March 21st)
Piglet’s Big Movie
2003 (May 30th)
Finding Nemo
2003 (November 1st)
Brother Bear
2004 (January 16th)
Teacher’s Pet
2004 (April 2nd)
Home on the Range
2004 (November 5th)
The Incredibles
2005 (February 11th)
Pooh’s Heffalump Movie
2005 (November 4th)
Chicken Little
2006 (April 14th)
The Wild
2006 (June 9th)
2007 (March 30th)
Meet the Robinsons
2007 (June 29th)
2008 (June 27th)
2008 (November 21st)
2009 (May 29th)
2009 (November 6th)
A Christmas Carol
2009 (December 11th)
The Princess and the Frog
2010 (June 18th)
Toy Story 3
2010 (November 24th)
2011 (March 11th)
Mars Needs Moms
2011 (June 24th)
Cars 2
2011 (July 15th)
Winnie the Pooh
2012 (May 25th)
Arjun The Warrior Prince
2012 (June 22nd)
2012 (October 5th)
2012 (November 2nd)
Wreck it Ralph
2013 (June 21st)
Monsters University
2013 (August 9th)
2013 (November 27th)
2014 (July 18th)
Planes – Fire and Rescue
2014 (November 7th)
Big Hero 6
2015 (February 20th)
2015 (June 19th)
Inside Out
2015 (November 25th)
The Good Dinosaur
2016 (March 4th)
2016 (June 17th)
Finding Dory
2016 (November 23rd)
2017 (June 16th)
Cars 3
2018 (June 15th)
Incredibles 2


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