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The Totally Timelines website is owned, produced and authored by Heather Y Wheeler BA (Hons). Visitors to this site may be interested in other websites by the same author.

Heather is a serial website producer and has a range of educational and reference websites. This site, Totally Timelines is the largest site with around 1,000 pages attracting about 35,000 visitors a month.

The following are websites by the same author. Click on the title or image to visit.

Tudor Nation

By the same author - TudorNation

Tudor Nation is a growing website with pages detailing aspects of Tudor history and includes very detailed timelines of the period. It currently has about 100 pages which attract around 3,000 visitors a month. New material is added regularly.

Trees of Blue

Trees of Blue Website

Trees of Blue is another growing website with a focus on the family trees of the British monarchy from King Alfred the Great to present day. 300 family trees have been published to date and these attract around 1,000 visitors per month.

The Educational World of Tiffany Macbeth

Tiffany Macbeth

This site was created in 2013 and has remained largely untouched. It features 30 pages on Maths, History and Geography and currently attracts around 300 visitors per month. The site is slated for an overhaul and new material over 2021/2.

History Key Skills

History Key Skills

This site was created in August 2020 after discovering a lot of unpublished material on the subject. It currently has 20 pages of information related to the Key Skills of History. New material will be added on a monthly basis.

Rewind 365

by the same author Rewind 365

This site was created during lockdown. It will eventually grow into a comprehensive site that gives an insight into the history and culture of the past. At present it covers the years 1950 – 1963. New pages are added on a monthly basis.



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