Carl Ransom Rogers 1902 – 1987

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Carl Rogers


Father – Walter Rogers
Mother – Julia Cushing
Spouse – Helen Elliott
Children – David, Natalie



1902 (January 8th)
Born in Oak Park, Chicago to Walter Rogers and his wife, Julia Cushing. Carl was the fourth of six children.
1914 (date unknown)
The family moved to a farm about 30 miles west of Chicago
1919 (September)
Attended University of Wisconsin where he studied agriculture
1921 (September)
Changed course and began studying History at the University of Wisconsin
1922 (date unknown)
Selected to spend 6 months in Peking (Beijing), China for the World Student Christian Federation Conference
1922 (October 22ne)
Became engaged to Helen Elliott
1924 (date unknown)
Graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BA in History
1924 (date unknown)
Attended the Union Theological Seminary, New York, with a view to becoming a church minister
1924 (August 28th)
Married Helen Elliot
1926 (date unknown)
Decided against Religion as a career and went to study Psychology at Teachers College, University of Columbia
1926 (March 17th)
A son, David Elliott Rogers was born
1927 (June)
Gained a MA in Psychology from the Teachers College, Columbia University
1928 (during)
Joined Rochester Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (RSPCC) as Child Psychologist
1928 (October 9th)
A daughter, Natalie Rogers was born
1929 (date unknown)
Appointed Director of the Child Study Department, RSPCC
1931 (March 20th)
Gained PhD in Psychotherapy from Columbia University
1931 (date unknown)
His book Measuring Personality Adjustment in Children: Nine to Thirteen Years of Age was published
1935 (date unknown)
Began lecturing at the University of Rochester
1939 (date unknown)
His book The Clinical Treatment of the Problem Child was published
1940 (date unknown)
Became Professor of Clinical Psychotherapy at Ohio State University
1940 (December 11th)
Made a speech to the University of Minnesota’s Psychological Honors Society and client-centered therapy is explained for the first time
1942 (date unknown)
His book Counseling and Psychotherapy: Newer Concepts in Practice was published
1944 (date unknown)
Became President of the American Association for Applied Psychology
1945 (date unknown)
Established and became professor of Psychology and the Executive Secretary at the Counseling Center of the University of Chicago
1946 (date unknown)
Became President of the American Psychological Association
1951 (date unknown)
His book Client-centered Therapy: Its Current Practice, Implications and Theory was published
1951 (onwards)
Roger’s theories were centred around the Nineteen Propositions, client centred counselling and the use of Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR)
1957 (date unknown)
Employed by the departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin
1961 (date unknown)
His book On Becoming a Person: A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy was published
1964 (date unknown)
Moved to La Jolla, California where he joined the staff of the Western Behavioural Studies Institute
1967 (date unknown)
His book The Therapeutic Relationship and It’s Impact: A Study of Psychotherapy with Schizophrenics was published
1968 (date unknown)
Formed the Center for Studies of the Person (CSP)
1968 (date unknown)
Man and the Science of Man written with William Coulson was published
1968 (date unknown)
Person to Person written with Barry Stevens was published
1969 (date unknown)
His book Freedom to Learn: A View of What Education Might Become was published
1970 (date unknown)
His book On Encounter Groups was published
1972 (date unknown)
His book Becoming Partners: Marriage and Its Alternatives was published
1975 (onwards)
Began travelling around the World holding Person-Centered Approach workshops
1977 (date unknown)
His book On Personal Power: Inner Strength and Its Revolutionary Impact was published
1979 (March 29th)
His wife, Helen, died
1980 (date unknown)
His book Freedom To Learn for the 80’s was published
1980 (date unknown)
His book A Way of Being was published
1987 (January)
Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
1987 (February 4th)
Died in La Jolla, California


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