The Reformation 1517 – 1648

This timeline details the main events of the Reformation and Counter Reformation in Europe 1517 – 1648 1516 (March) Erasmus published new Greek and Latin versions of the New Testament. 1517 (Autumn) Martin Luther was annoyed that a Dominican friar, Johann Tetzel, was preaching that the purchase of an indulgence would forgive sins. 1517 (31st … Read more

English Civil War Causes and Events 1625 – 1649

This timeline details the main causes and events of the seventeenth century conflict known as the English Civil War or the English Revolution 1625 – 1649 See also: King Charles I  Oliver Cromwell Background Causes of the English Civil War 1625 (13th June) King Charles I married Henrietta Maria, the daughter of Henry IV of … Read more

The Jacobite Movement 1668 – 1788

This timeline details the main events of The Jacobite Movement – the cause of the supporters of the Catholic heirs of King James II from 1668 to 1788 to reclaim the British throne following the Glorious Revolution 1668 (around) Prince James, brother to Charles II and heir to the throne, converted to Catholicism. His conversion … Read more

Pilgrim Fathers 1607 – 1621

This timeline details the main events of the Pilgrim Fathers from their departure from England to the Netherlands in 1607 to the celebration of the first harvest in 1621. 1607 (during) Members of William Bradford’s congregation in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, began to be persecuted for their Separatist belief. They attempted to leave England for the Netherlands … Read more

The Stuarts 1603 – 1714

This timeline details the main events of the Stuarts accession of James I, VI of Scotland to the death of Queen Anne in 1714. 1603 (24th March) The period of the Stuarts began when James VI of Scotland became King James I of England, Ireland and Wales after Elizabeth I died. James was the son … Read more

The Great Fire of London 1666

This timeline is a chronology of the Great Fire of London September 1666 Please note that some times given are approximations determined by the sequence of events for that day as noted in relevant sources. See also: The Great Plague 1665 1559 (during) Daniel Baker had warned that London would be destroyed by ‘a consuming … Read more