Tsarist Russia 1855 to 1922

Tsarist Russia Romanov Family

This timeline details the main events that occurred during and immediately after the Tsarist Russia period 1855 – 1922

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Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Tsars/Emperors of Russia

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Nicholas II Tsar of Russia 1868 – 1918


Nicholas II Tsar of Russia


Father – Tsar Alexander III of Russia
Mother – Maria Fyodorovna
Spouse – Alexandra Feodorovna
Children – Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, Alexei
Tsar of Russia – 1894 – 1917
Predecessor – Alexander III
Successor – Monarchy abolished

See also – Tsars/Emperors of Russia
Tsarist Russia 1855 – 1922

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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