Pandemics 430 BCE – Present

This timeline details pandemics through history A pandemic is defined as a disease that spreads across a wide geographical area. Pandemics are generally caused by a new virus, or by a strain of an existing virus that spreads rapidly. They may also be caused by bacteria, though this is rarer nowadays unless it is resistant … Read more

Sir David Attenborough 1926 – Present Day

Born – 18th May 1926 Father – Frederick Levi Attenborough (1887 – 1973) Mother – Mary Clegg (d. 1961) Spouse – m. 1950 – Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel (1926 – 1997) Children – Susan, Robert 1926 (8th May) David Frederick Attenborough was born in Isleworth, London to Frederick Levi Attenborough and his wife Jane. David … Read more

Space Travel and Exploration 1926 – Present Day

This timeline details a history of space travel and exploration including details of the Space Race between the USA and the USSR. First Rockets 1926 (16th March) The first liquid fuelled rocket was launched by Robert Goddard. 1929 (17th July) Robbert Goddard launched a rocket carrying a barometer and a camera from Auburn, Massachussetts. 1942 … Read more