Pandemics 430 BCE – Present

Black Death

This timeline details pandemics through history

A pandemic is defined as a disease that spreads across a wide geographical area. Pandemics are generally caused by a new virus, or by a strain of an existing virus that spreads rapidly. They may also be caused by bacteria, though this is rarer nowadays unless it is resistant to antibiotics.

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Nobel Prize Winners 1901 – Present

Nobel Prize Winners

This timeline details the yearly Nobel Prize Winners for Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Economics (from 1969) and Peace. The Nobel Prize winners are announced in October of each year and the awards are presented in Stockholm on 10th December.

The Nobel Prizes were directed to be set up by the terms of Alfred Nobel’s will. Nobel was a Swedish scientist who wanted to recognise international achievement in the Sciences.

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The Great Plague of London 1665

This timeline is a chronology of the outbreak of plague known as the Great Plague that affected London in 1665 See also: The Great Fire of London 1666 Outbreaks of the plague 1663 (during) King Charles II suspended trade with the Dutch after learning that there was an outbreak of plague in Holland. 1663 (November) … Read more The Great Plague of London 1665

Space Travel and Exploration 1926 – Present Day

This timeline details a history of space travel and exploration including details of the Space Race between the USA and the USSR. First Rockets 1926 (16th March) The first liquid fuelled rocket was launched by Robert Goddard. 1929 (17th July) Robbert Goddard launched a rocket carrying a barometer and a camera from Auburn, Massachussetts. 1942 … Read more Space Travel and Exploration 1926 – Present Day

The Black Death 1346 – 1353

Black DeathThis timeline is a chronology of the spread of the Black Death that reached Europe in the mid 14th century killing around 50 million people – possibly as many as two thirds of the population.

It was originally thought that the disease was spread by black rats, but due to the rate of spread and the lack of evidence of large numbers of rat corpses (Bubonic plague kills rats), it is now thought that the bacillus that caused the disease was airborne; spread by the victims themselves.

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The Great Plague of London 1665 and
Outbreaks of Plague 430 BCE to Present Day

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