Kings and Queens of England 827 – Present Day


Elizabeth IIThis timeline details all Kings and Queens of England from 827 to present day

Since 1327 England and Wales have shared a monarch

Since 1603 England, Wales and Scotland have shared a monarch 

England and Ireland shared a monarch from 1254 to 1936 when the Republic of Ireland broke from the monarchy, Northern Ireland, as part of the United Kingdom retained the monarchy.

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King Edward the Elder of England 874 – 924

Edward the Elder

Father – Alfred the Great
Mother – Ealhswith
Spouse – Ecgwynn, Aelfflaed, Eadgifu
Children – by Ecgwynn – Aethelstan, a daughter
by Aelfflaed – Eadgifu, Aelfweard, Edwin, Eadgyth, Eadhild
by Eadgifu – Edmund, Eadred Eadburh, Aelfgifu
King of England – 899 – 924
Predecessor – Alfred the Great
Successor –Aethelstan



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