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Prince Daemon Targaryen TimelineFather – Baelon the Brave
Mother – Alyssa Targaryen
Spouse – Rhea Royce
SiblingViserys I
Children – 
Dragon – Caraxes

This Daemon Targaryen timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in the life of the fictitious character as shown in the TV series House of the Dragon

Please Note: In the TV adaptation, characters’ ages are different to those in the books. The ages given in this timeline are those known to have been decided by the show, or are approximations made using a combination of the ages in the book and the ages of the actors.

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Daemon Targaryen Timeline

Before Season 1 Age 0
Daemon Targaryen was born the son of Prince Baelon the Brave and Alyssa Targaryen. His parents were brother and sister, the children of King Jaehaerys I and Baelon was heir to the throne. Daemon’s elder brother, Viserys was 14 years old.
Before Season 1 Age 11
Daemon’s brother Viserys married Aemma Arryn.
Before Season 1 Age 16
A daughter Rhaenyra was born to Viserys and Aemma.
Before Season 1 Age 19
Baelon the Brave died. This caused a succession problem because he was heir to King Jaehaerys. A meeting of the Great Council was held at Harrenhal to decide who should succeed. Both Viserys and his aunt Rhaenys Targaryen had a claim to the throne. The Council decided that Viserys should succeed as King.
Before Season 1 Age 21
King Jaehaerys I died. Viserys became King Viserys I. Daemon was given a seat on the Small Council as Master of Laws.
Before Season 1 Age 24
Daemon had continually come into conflict with Hand of the King, Otto Hightower. Otto contrived to have him removed from his post as Master of Laws. Instead he was appointed Master of Coin.
Before Season 1 Age 25
King Viserys I arranged for Daemon to marry Rhea Royce. Daemon disliked his bride on sight and was not happy with the marriage.
Before Season 1 Age 30
The rift between Daemon and Otto Hightower had continued and the Hand of the King again contrived to have Daemon removed from post. King Viserys appointed him Commander of the Kingsguard.
Season 1 Age 30
Daemon sat on the Iron Throne in the Great Hall. His niece Rhaenyra accompanied by her sworn shield, Ser Harrold Westerling. He presented Rhaenyra with a necklace of Valyrian steel. They discuss the upcoming tournament to mark the impending birth of the expected heir.
Season 1 Age 30
Daemon gathered the men of the Kingsguard and ordered them to root out all thieves, murderers and rapists in Kings Landing. The following morning he was summoned before the Small Council to explain his actions. He explained that he was making the city safe before the upcoming tournament.
Season 1 Age 30
Daemon took part in the tournament which took place as Queen Aemma went into labour. He annoyed Otto Hightower by firstly choosing his son as first contender and taking him out quickly, and secondly by asking his daughter, Alicent for her favour. Daemon defeated all opponents to reach the final against Ser Criston Cole. After knocking Cole to the ground, Daemon was celebrating his victory when Cole reciprocated and knocked him to the floor claiming ultimate victory.
Season 1 Age 30
Viserys had been called to the birthing room where he was told that the child could only be saved if they cut Aemma open but she would die if they did so. Viserys chose to save the child. He sat with his wife as she bled to death. The child died soon after its birth.
Season 1 Age 30
Daemon attended the funeral of Queen Aemma and Prince Baelon. Afterwards he retreated to the brothel owned by his lover, Mysaria. There he toasted Prince Baelon as ‘heir for a day’. This was reported back to Otto Hightower who reported it to the King.
Season 1 Age 30
Viserys summoned Daemon and questioned him regarding his naming Prince Baelon ‘heir for a day’. When Daemon did not deny the accusation, Viserys banished him from court and sent him home to his wife.
Season 1 Age 30
Prince Daemon and his lover Mysaria flew off on Daemon’s dragon Caraxes and made their home on Dragonstone.
Season 1 Age 30
Daemon flew to Kings Landing and stole the dragon egg set aside for Prince Baelon. He intended to place it in the cradle of the child he would have with his lover Mysaria.
Season 1 Age 30
Daemon met Otto Hightower on the approach to Dragonstone Castle just as Rhaenyra arrived riding Syrax. She calmly asked him to give the egg back and he did.
Season 1 Age 30
Back in the castle Mysaria revealed that she was not pregnant and did not feel safe.
Season 1 Age 30
Prince Daemon was contacted by Corlys Velaryon and agreed an alliance to defeat the Triarchy led by Craghas Drahar. Drahar was know as Crabfeeder because of his practice of killing his prisoners by nailing them to driftwood and placing flesh-eating crabs on their body.
Season 1 Age 33
The combined armies of Prince Daemon and Corlys Velaryon had been unable to defeat Crabfeeder. Corlys’ son suggested Daemon act as bait to draw the pirates out of the caves to make them easier to defeat. Daemon reluctantly agreed the plan.
Season 1 Age 33
Prince Daemon went to Stepstones and made out he was surrendering. After luring Crabfeeder’s men into the open he attacked enabling Laenor to cut the pirates down with dragonfire. Although he was wounded by arrows, Daemon followed Craghas Drahar into the caves. He emerged draging Crabfeeder’s body.
Season 1 Age 33
Daemon Targaryen presented himself before King Viserys. When questioned about the crown he was wearing, Daemon explained he had been made King of the Narrow Sea. He pledged allegiance to the King and gave the Stepstones to the Crown. The two embraced.
Season 1 Age 33
During the festivities that followed, Daemon spoke to Rhaenyra and they both remarked on how their lives had changed them. At some point he left a bag containing clothes and a map in Rhaenyra’s room.
Season 1 Age 33
Later that night, Daemon and Rhaenyra met and went into the poorer areas of Kings Landing. They watched a street play about who would succeed King Viserys and the smallfolk revealed that they did not believe a woman could rule. Daemon led Rhaenyra into the brothels and began to seduce her but then turned away.
Season 1 Age 33
The following morning Daemon woke up worse the wear for drink. He was found by the Kingsguard and taken before the King. Viserys chided him for ruining his daughter. Daemon asked his brother to let him wed Rhaenyra, however, Viserys had decided that Rhaenyra was to marry Laenor Velaryen.
Season 1 Age 33
Daemon visited his wife in The Vale. He caused her horse to rear and she was thrown to the ground. Unable to move Daemon picked up a rock and killed her.
Season 1 Age 33
Daemon attended the preliminary wedding feast. After the King’s speech he spoke to Rhaenyra in Velarion. She told him to take her by force if he wanted her. A fight broke out and Daemon was pushed in the direction of Laena Velaryon. He flirted with her.
Season 1 Age 37
Daemon married Laena Velaryon.
Season 1 Age 37
Twin daughters, Baela and Rhaena were born to Daemon and Laena Targaryen.
Season 1 Age 43
Daemon was riding his dragon while his wife Laena rode hers in the sky above Pentos.
Season 1 Age 43
Prince Reggios of Pentos visited Daemon and Laena and suggested an alliance whereby in return for their support against the Triarchy, he would give them property and goods..
Season 1 Age 43
Laena went into labour but was unable to deliver the child. Daemon refused the Maestor’s offer of performing a caesarean. Laena went outside and ordered her dragon to kill her.
Season 1
To be continued


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