Eadgifu of Kent c902 – c966


Eadgifu of Kent


Father – Sigehelm of Kent
Mother – Unknown
Spouse – Edward the Elder
Children – Edmund, Eadred, Eadburh, Eadgifu



902 (around)
A daughter, Eadgifu, was born to Sigehelm of Kent.
902 (during)
Eadgifu’s father, Sighelm of Kent, died fighting in the Battle of the Holme.
919 (around)
Eadgifu married King Edward the Elder.
919 (after)
A daughter Eadburh was born to Eadgifu and Edward. The date of her birth is unknown.
919 (after)
A daughter Eadgifu was born to Eadgifu and Edward. The date of her birth is unknown.
921 (during)
A son Edmund was born to Eadgifu and Edward.
923 (during)
A son Eadred was born to Eadgifu and Edward.
924 (17th July)
King Edward died leading the army against a Welsh-Mercian rebellion.
924 (17th July)
Edward’s eldest son, Aethelstan, became King either immediately or after the death of his half-brother Aelfweard who died on 2nd August 924.
924 (after)
little is known of Eadgifu during the reign of her stepson, Aethelstan.
939 (27th October)
Eadgifu’s eldest son, Edmund, became King Edmund after Aethelstan died in Gloucester.
939 (29th November)
Eadgifu’s son, Edmund, was crowned King of England
939 or 940
Eadgifu’s son, King Edmund, married Aelfgifu the benefactor of Shaftesbury Abbey.
941 (during)
Eadfifu’s grandson, Eadwig, was born to Edmund and Aelfgifu.
943 (during)
Eadgifu’s son, Edmund, granted her estates in Kent.
943 (during)
Eadfifu’s grandson, Edgar, was born to Edmund and Aelfgifu.
944 (18th May)
Aelfgifu, Edmund’s wife, died
944 (after May)
Eadgifu’s son, Edmund, married Aethelflaed of Damerham, daughter of the Ealdorman of Wiltshire.
946 (26th May)
Eadgifu’s son, King Edmund I, was murdered in Pucklechurch by Leofa, a thief who had been exiled by Edmund. He was succeeded by his brother Eadred.
946 (16th August)
Eadgifu’s son, Eadred, was crowned King of England by Archbishop Oda of Canterbury at Kingston upon Thames. Eadgifu became one of her son’s chief advisors.
953 (during)
Eadfifu’s son, Eadred, granted her land in Sussex.
955 (23rd November)
Eadgifu’s grandson, Eadwig, became King after King Eadred died at Frome, Somerset.
955 (After 23rd November)
Eadgifu’s grandson, Eadwig married Aelfgifu.
957 (during)
England was divided when Mercia and Northumbria refused to accept Eadwig’s rule. Eadwig retained rule of Wessex while his brother Edgar ruled Mercia and Northumbria. Despite the division Eadwig continued to be referred to as King of the English.
958 (during)
The marriage of Eadgifu’s grandson, King Eadwig, and Aelfgifu was dissolved by Archbishop Odo of Canterbury on the grounds that they were too closely related.
959 (1st October)
Eadfifu’s grandson, King Eadwig, died. He was succeeded by his brother Edgar.
961 (during)
Eadgifu’s great-grandaughter, Eadgyth, was born to King Edgar and Wulfthryth at Kensing. It is unclear whether Edgar was married to Wulfthryth or whether Eadgyth was illegitimate.
961 or 962
Eadgifu’s grandson, Edgar, married Aethaelfled, daughter of Ealdorman Ordmaer.
962 (during)
Eadgifu’s great grandson. Edward, was born to King Edgar and Aethelflaed.
964 (during)
Edgar’s wife Aethelflaed was either divorced or died.
964 (during)
Edgar married Aelfthryth, daughter of Ealdorman Ordgar of Devon.
965 (during)
Eadgifu’s great grandson, Edmund, was born to Edgar and Aelfthryth.
966 (during)
Eadgifu’s great grandson, Aethelred, was born to Edgar and Aelfthryth.
966 (during)
Eadgifu was witness to a charter.
966 (around)
Eadgifu died.


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