King Eadwig of England 941 – 959

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King Eadwig

Father – Edmund I
Mother – Aelfgifu of Shaftesbury
Spouse – Aelfgifu
Children – No children
King of England – 955 – 959
Predecessor – Eadred
Successor –Edgar



941 (during)
Eadwig, was born to King Edmund and his wife Aelfgith
943 (during)
Eadwig’s brother Edgar, was born to Edmund and Aelfgith
943 (during)
King Edmund made an alliance with King Olaf of York.
944 (during)
King Edmund re-took Northumbria from the Vikings
944 (during)
King Olaf of York was unable to retain his throne and so left England for Ireland where he became King of Dublin.
945 (during)
King Edmund conquered Strathclyde and formed an alliance with Malcolm I of Scotland
946 (26th May)
Edmund I was murdered in Pucklechurch by Leofa, a thief who had been exiled by Edmund. Eadwig, aged 5 years, was considered too young to become King so his uncle Eadred succeeded to the throne.
946 (after 26th May)
Eadwig and his brother Edgar were cared for by the nobleman Aethelstan and his wife Aelfwynne. Aethelstan was nicknamed half-king due to the influence he had on Eadwig and his brother.
946 (16th August)
Eadred was crowned King of England by Archbishop Oda of Canterbury at Kingston upon Thames.
946 (after)
Eadwig was educated by Aethelwald, Abbot of Abingdon, friend of Dunstan.
947 (during)
The Viking Eric Bloodaxe took Northumbria.
948 (during)
Eadred managed to re-take Northumbria.
949 (during)
The former ruler of York, Olaf Sihtricson, returned to the North of England and was accepted as ruler of Northumbria.
952 (during)
Eric Bloodaxe returned and took Northumbria.
952 (during)
King Eadred captured and imprisoned Archbishop Wulfstan of York who helped the Vikings.
954 (during)
Eric Bloodaxe, was sent out of Northumbria and Eadred took control again.
955 (23rd November)
Eadred died from a digestive disorder at the age of 32 years. Eadwig became King at the age of 14 years. He was nicknamed ‘All Fair’ due to his good looks.
955 (after 23rd November)
Eadwig upset nobles and Dunstan, abbot of Glastonbury, who had been an advisor to King Eadred, when he disappeared during his coronation feast only to be found in a compromising position with a young woman and her mother. Legend states that Dunstan had to drag him back to the coronation feast setting up a feud between the two that would last until Eadwig’s death.
955 (After 23rd November)
Eadwig married Aelfgifu, the young woman he was with on the day of his coronation.
956 (during)
Eadwig removed many experienced noblemen from his counsel.
956 (during)
Dunstan was exiled or exiled himself to Flanders.
957 (during)
England was divided when Mercia and Northumbria refused to accept Eadwig’s rule. Eadwig retained rule of Wessex while his brother Edgar ruled Mercia and Northumbria. Despite the division Eadwig continued to be referred to as King of the English.
958 (during)
The marriage of Eadwig and Aelfgifu was dissolved by Archbishop Odo of Canterbury on the grounds that they were too closely related.
958 (2nd June)
Archbishop Odo of Canterbury died. Eadwig appointed Aelfsige of Winchester as new Archbishop.
958 or 959
Eadwig appointed Byrhthelm, the Bishop of Wells as Archbishop of Canterbury after Aelfsige died on his way to Rome.
959 (1st October)
Eadwig died. He was succeeded by his brother Edgar.



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Heather Y Wheeler. (2016). King Eadwig of England 941 – 959. Available: Last Accessed March 30th, 2019


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