Edgar Aetheling 1051 – 1125

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Edgar Aetheling


Father – Edward the Exile
Mother – Agatha
Spouse – Unmarried
Children – No children



1051 (around)
A son, Edgar, was born in Hungary to Edward the Exile, son of King Edmund Ironside and Agatha, possibly daughter of Yaroslav of Kiev. He was styled Aetheling.
1057 (Late August)
Arrived in England with his father, mother, and two sisters. It is thought that the father and son may have been invited to return to England by Edward the Confessor to be named as successors to the throne.
1057 (Late August)
Edgar’s father died.
1066 (5th January)
King Edward the Confessor died. Although Edgar was the nearest blood relative he was considered too young to rule and Harold Godwinson was crowned Harold II
1066 (14th October)
Battle of Hastings – Harold II was killed and Edgar was named King by the Witan
1066 (December)
Edgar, the Witan and other nobility were forced to submit to William Duke of Normandy. William took Edgar into his custody.
1066 (25th December)
William Duke of Normandy was crowned King William I of England
1068 (Late Spring)
Edgar and his mother and sisters fled to Scotland where they were given refuge by King Malcolm Canmore
1070 (date unknown)
Edgar’s sister Margaret married King Malcolm of Scotland
1072 (date unknown)
Edgar went to Flanders after William I invaded Scotland
1074 (during)
Edgar returned to Scotland but then received an offer of support from the King of France so decided to go to France. Unfortunately he was shipwrecked and had to return to Scotland.
1074 (late)
Malcolm of Scotland persuaded Edgar to make peace with William and give up all desire to reclaim the throne
1086 (early in the year)
Edgar was unhappy as a subject of the new English King and so, with William’s permission left England with a party of Knights to seek his fortune in Italy.
1087 (September)
Following the death of William I, Edgar returned to France where he supported William’s eldest son Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy, against William II.
1091 (date unknown)
William II and his supporters defeated Robert Curthose and his supporters. A truce was reached and Edgar returned to England
1093 (date unknown)
Edgar went to Scotland on William II’s behalf to negotiate terms of the 1091 settlement
1093 (13th November)
Malcolm Canmore, King of Scotland and his son, Edward were killed at the Battle of Alnwick.
1093 (after 13th November)
Malcolm Canmore was succeeded by his brother Donald who drove the English out of Scotland
1094 (during)
Edgar gave support to Malcolm Canmore’s son Duncan who had been held captive by William I to retake the Scottish throne. Unfortunately Duncan was killed.
1097 (during)
Edgar returned to Scotland, this time in support of his nephew, Edgar, who was now of age and attempting to overthrown Donald and take the throne of Scotland. Donald was removed and Edgar became King of Scotland.
1100 (11th November)
Henry I married Edgar’s niece Edith. Her name was changed to Mathilda after her marriage.
1102 (date disputed)
Edgar made a crusade to Jerusalem
1106 (28th September)
Taken prisoner following Robert Curthose’s defeat at the Battle of Tinchebrai but was pardoned by King Henry I
1125 (date disputed)
Edgar died.


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