King Edgar the Peaceful of England 943 – 975


King Edgar

Father – Edmund I
Mother – Aelfgifu of Shaftesbury
Spouse – Aethelflaed, Wulfthryth, Aelfthryth
Children – Edward, Eadgyth, Edmund,  Aethelred
King of England – 959 – 975
Predecessor – Eadwig
Successor –Edward the Martyr


943 (during)
Edgar, was born, the son of King Edmund and his wife Aelfgifu
943 (during)
King Edmund made an alliance with King Olaf of York.
944 (during)
King Edmund re-took Northumbria from the Vikings
945 (during)
King Edmund conquered Strathclyde and formed an alliance with Malcolm I of Scotland
946 (26th May)
King Edmund I was murdered in Pucklechurch by Leofa, a thief who had been exiled by Edmund. Edgar’s older brother was only five years old so the boys’ uncle Eadred succeeded to the throne.
946 (after 26th May)
Edgar and his brother Eadwig were cared for by the nobleman Aethelstan and his wife Aelfwynne. Aethelstan was nicknamed half-king due to the influence he had on Eadwig and his brother.
946 (16th August)
Eadred was crowned King of England by Archbishop Oda of Canterbury at Kingston upon Thames.
947 (during)
The Viking Eric Bloodaxe took over leadership of Northumbria.
948 (approx)
Edgar was educated by Aethelwald, Abbot of Abingdon, friend of Dunstan.
948 (during)
King Eadred took Northumbria.
949 (during)
Olaf Sihtricson, returned as ruler of Northumbria.
952 (during)
Olaf Sihtricson was replaced by Eric Bloodaxe as ruler of Northumbria.
952 (during)
King Eadred captured and imprisoned Archbishop Wulfstan of York who helped the Vikings.
954 (during)
The Northumbrians expelled Eric Bloodaxe and returned their allegiance to Eadred.
955 (23rd November)
King Eadred died and Edgar’s brother Eadwig became King.
955 (after 23rd November)
Eadwig was crowned King.
955 (after November)
Eadwig upset and replaced many nobles including Dunstan. Dunstan was exiled or exiled himself to Flanders.
957 (during)
Edgar gained the rule of Mercia and Northumbria when the two counties refused to accept the rule of King Eadwig.
957 (during)
As ruler of Mercia and Northumbria Edgar re-called the exiled Dunstan and made him Bishop of Worcester.
958 (2nd June)
Archbishop Odo of Canterbury died. Eadwig appointed first Aelfsige of Winchester, then after his death Byrhthelm, Bishop of Wells to the See of Canterbury.
959 (1st October)
Eadwig died and Edgar became King of all of England.
959 (October)
Edgar proclaimed that Byrhthelm was not fit to be Archbishop of Canterbury and appointed Dunstan as the new Archbishop of Canterbury.
960 (after)
Edgar approved of the monastic reform put in place by Archbishop Dunstan.
960 (21st September)
Dunstan received the pallium as Archbishop of Canterbury from Pope John XII
961 or 962
Edgar married Aethelflaed, daughter of Ealdorman Ordmaer.
962 (during)
A son, Edward was born to Edgar and Aethelfleda.
962 (during)
A daughter, Eadgyth, was born to Edgar and Wulfthryth at Kensing. It is unclear whether Edgar was married to Wulfthryth or whether Eadgyth was illegitimate.
964 (during)
Edgar’s wife Aethelfleda was either divorced or died.
964 (during)
Edgar married Aelfthryth, daughter of the Ealdorman of Devon.
965 (during)
A son, Edmund was born to Edgar and Aelfthryth.
966 (during)
A son, Aethelred was born to Edgar and Aelfthryth.
970 (during)
Edgar’s son, Edmund died.
973 (11th May)
Edgar and his wife Aelfthryth were crowned at Bath by Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury. This second coronation was held at this point in his reign because it was felt that he had reached the zenith of his Kingship.
973 (during)
Edgar received the submission of eight kings of the North, including the Kings of Scotland and Strathclyde at Chester thus strengthening his position.
975 (8th July)
Edgar died at Winchester. He was succeeded by his son from his first marriage, Edward.



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