Edmund Tudor 1430 – 1456

Edmund Tudor


Father – Owen Tudor
Mother – Catherine of Valois
Spouse – Margaret Beaufort
Children – Henry VII



1430 (during)
A son, Edmund, was born to Catherine of Valois and Owen Tudor at Hadhan, Hertfordshire.
1431 (during)
Edmund’s brother, Jasper, was born to Catherine of Valois and Owen Tudor at Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
1432 (during)
The marriage of Edmund’s parents had been kept secret due to the fact that Owen was a commoner and Catherine had not sought the King’s permission to marry. By this time it was well known.
1432 (May)
Edmund’s father was granted the status and rights of an Englishman.
1436 (during)
Edmund’s mother, Catherine, who was in poor health, retired to Bermondsey Abbey to await the birth of her child.
1437 (3rd January)
Edmund’s mother, Catherine gave birth to a daughter, Margaret.
1437 (3rd January)
Edmund’s mother, Catherine died at Bermondsey Abbey.
1437 (during)
Edmund’s father, Owen, was arrested and imprisoned in Newgate Prison.
1438 (during)
Edmund’s father escaped imprisonment but was recaptured and imprisoned in Windsor Castle.
1438 (during)
Edmund and his brother, Jasper, were placed in the care of Katherine de la Pole, abbess of Barking, sister of the Duke of Suffolk.
1438 (during)
Henry VI began to take an interest in Edmund and his brother Jasper being that they were half brothers.
1442 (during)
Henry VI took charge of Edmund and Jasper.
1449 (15th December)
Edmund was created Earl of Richmond.
1452 (23rd November)
Edmund’s brother Jasper, was created Earl of Pembroke.
1453 (5th January)
Edmund and his brother Jasper were knighted at the Tower of London.
1453 (6th March)
Both Edmund and his brother Jasper took seats in Parliament as head of the Earls at court.
1453 (24th March)
Edmund and Jasper were given the wardship of Margaret Beaufort, daughter of John Beaufort.
1453 (after March)
Margaret Beaufort’s childhood marriage to John de la Pole was annulled.
1453 (late Summer)
Henry VI suffered a bout of mental instability and was unable to rule. Rule of the country was taken by the Duke of Somerset.
1454 (27th March)
Edmund and Jasper backed Richard of York’s request to become Protector of England.
1454 (December)
Henry VI recovered his mental faculty and re-appointed the Duke of Somerset.
1455 (Spring)
Richard of York began raising troops against Henry VI. Edmund and Jasper had to decide which side to support.
1455 (22nd May)
Richard of York captured Henry VI following the First Battle of St Albans.
1455 (Autumn)
Edmund and Jasper declared their support for King Henry VI.
1455 (1st November)
Edmund married 12 year old Margaret Beaufort.
1455 (November)
Edmund was tasked with preventing an overthrow of Henry VI’s authority in Wales by Gruffydd ap Nicholas.
1456 (early)
Edmund’s wife Margaret became pregnant. Many people were shocked that Edmund had consummated the marriage because it was usual to wait until the girl was 14 years old.
1456 (June)
Edmund had been unable to stop Gryffydd ap Nicholas taking control of the castles at Aberystwyth, Carmarthen and Carreg Cennen.
1456 (early August)
Edmund succeeded in regaining control of Carmarthen and other castles. Gryffydd ap Nicholas acknowledged Edmund as overlord of the area.
1456 (10th August)
Edmund was captured by a force led by William Herbert, sent by Richard Duke of York to capture Carmarthen Castle.
1456 (3rd November)
Edmund died from bubonic plague.


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