King Edward the Martyr of England 962 – 978

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Edward the Martyr

Father – Edgar
Mother – Aethelflaed
Spouse – Unmarried
Children – No children
King of England – 975 – 978
Predecessor – Edgar
Successor –Aethelred the Unready


962 (during)
A son, Edward was born to King Edgar and Aethelflaed.
964 (during)
Edward’s mother, Aethelfleda was either divorced or died.
964 (during)
Edward’s father, King Edgar married Aelfthryth, daughter of the Ealdorman of Devon.
965 (during)
A son, Edmund was born to Edgar and Aelfthryth.
966 (during)
A son, Aethelred was born to Edgar and Aelfthryth.
970 (during)
Edgar’s son, Edmund died.
973 (during)
Edgar and his wife Aelfthryth were crowned at Bath by Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury. This was likely a second coronation and celebration of Edgar’s rule.
973 (during)
Edgar received the submission of eight kings of the North, including the Kings of Scotland and Strathclyde at Chester thus strengthening his position.
975 (8th July)
Edgar died at Winchester. Edward was nominated by his father to become King. This was supported by Archbishop of Canterbury, Dunstan but many nobles and the dowager Queen supported Edgar’s younger son, Aethelred becoming King.
975 (after July)
Edward was crowned by Archbishop Dunstan at Kingston upon Thames
976 (during)
The dowager Queen and her faction continued to work against Edward.
978 (18th March)
Edward was murdered at Corfe Castle by assassins acting on behalf of the dowager Queen. His half-brother Aethelred styled Unready became King.



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Heather Y Wheeler. (2016). King Edward the Martyr of England 962 – 978. Available: Last accessed March 30th, 2019


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