English History 1230 – 1239

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Henry III


This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 1230 – 1239

The monarch for this period was Henry III



1230 (3rd May)
Henry III left England at the head of an army to try to reclaim his lands in Brittany.
1230 (October)
Having reached an agreement to cease hostilities with Louis IX, Henry returned to England.
1231 (13th March)
Henry’s brother Richard married Isabella, daughter of William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke.
1231 (June)
Llywelyn the Great took Cardigan Castle and defeated the English.
1231 (3rd August)
Richard le Grant, Archbishop of Canterbury, died.
1231 (24th September)
Ralph Neville became Archbishop of Canterbury.
1231 (20th December)
Pope Gregory IX overturned the decision to elect Ralph Neville Archbishop of Canterbury.
1232 (16th March)
John of Sittingbourne was elected Archbishop of Canterbury.
1232 (12th June)
Pope Gregory IX overturned the election of John of Sittingbourne as Archbishop of Canterbury.
1232 (29th July)
Henry dismissed Hubert de Burgh who had acted as regent during his minority and also held the position of Justicar. In his stead Henry appointed Peter de Rivaux and Peter des Roches.
1232 (26th August)
John Blund was elected Archbishop of Canterbury.
1233 (during)
Peter des Roches was given control of the Exchequer.
1233 (1st June)
Pope Gregory IX overturned the election of John Blund as Archbishop of Canterbury.
1233 (August)
Richard Marshal joined forces with Llywelyn the Great against Henry.
1234 (during)
The English barons rebelled against the influence of the French at court. On the advice of Archbishop of Canterbury, Edmund Rich, Henry was dismissed Peter des Roches.
1234 (2nd April)
Edmund Rich was elected Archbishop of Canterbury.
1234 (16th April)
Richard Marshal was murdered by forces loyal to Henry.
1235 (15th July)
Henry’s sister, Isabella, married Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor.
1235 (August)
A new five year truce with France was agreed.
1236 (14th January)
Henry married Eleanor of Provence in order to secure an alliance with Provence. Eleanor was 12 at the time of their marriage which was held in Canterbury Cathedral.
1237 (25th September)
Treaty of York
This treaty defined the border between Scotland and England.
1238 (7th January)
Henry’s sister, Eleanor, married Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester.
1238 (22nd February)
Henry agreed to the barons’ demands and promised to make reforms.
1239 (17th June)
A son, Edward, was born to Henry and Eleanor of Provence.

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Harvard Reference for this page:

Heather Y Wheeler. (2016). English History 1230 – 1239. Available: https://www.totallytimelines.com/english-history-1230-1239. Last accessed March 30th, 2019


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