English History 1560 – 1569

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Queen Elizabeth IThis timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English history for the years 1560 – 1569

The monarch for this period was Elizabeth I 




1560 (around)
The Hampden Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I in a red dress was painted by Van Der Meulen.
1560 (around)
Elizabeth considered a marriage proposal from Eric, heir to the Swedish throne, but eventually turned him down.
1560 (during)
Elizabeth sent troops to Scotland to help Protestants make Protestantism the religion of Scotland.
1560 (5th July)
Treaty of Edinburgh
This was a treaty between England, Scotland and France. It was agreed that the English and French would remove their troops from Scotland.
1560 (September)
Robert Dudley’s wife, Amy Robsart, died after falling down a flight of stairs. Many people believed that Dudley had murdered his wife so that he could marry Elizabeth.
1561 (4th June)
St Paul’s Cathedral was badly damaged by a fire that started after the cathedral spire was struck by lightning.
1562 (October)
Elizabeth sent troops to Le Havre, France. She hoped to occupy Le Havre and then exchange it for Calais which had been lost by Mary in 1558.
1562 (October)
John Hawkins began trading in slaves. He took them from Sierra Leone to Hispaniola (Haiti).
1563 (during)
Elizabeth suggested that Robert Dudley could marry Mary Queen of Scots, who had returned to Scotland from France after her husband, the dauphin had died. Neither were interested in making the match.
1563 (during)
Thirty Nine Articles
These articles, written in latin and English, clearly defined the position of the Church of England on matters of faith.
1563 (before April)
Elizabeth was taken ill with smallpox. The illness left her with scars on her face which she covered with make up and hair loss which she disguised by wearing a wig.
1563 (April)
Following Elizabeth’s illness with smallpox, the government urged her to marry or nominate an heir but she refused and prorogued parliament.
1563 (June)
Elizabeth’s troops in Le Havre were defeated.
1564 (during)
Elizabeth entered marriage negotiations with Ferdinand I Holy Roman Emperor for a marriage between herself and Ferdinand’s son Charles.
1564 (during)
Elizabeth made Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester.
1565 (during)
Thomas Gresham founded the Royal Exchange.
1565 (29th July)
Elizabeth’s second cousin, Mary Queen of Scots, married Henry Stuart Lord Darnley.
1567 (during)
Chatham Dockyard was built as a base for the Royal Navy.
1567 (February)
Mary Queen of Scots’ husband, Lord Darnley, was murdered by a group led by James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell.
1567 (15th May)
Mary Queen of Scots married James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell, the man behind her husband’s murder. The marriage shocked people including Scottish councillors who now believed that she may have been party to Darnley’s murder.
1567 (24th July)
Mary Queen of Scots was forced to abdicate the throne in favour of her infant son who became James VI of Scotland. She was imprisoned in Loch Leven Castle and her son was taken to Stirling Castle to be raised as a Protestant away from his mother’s Catholic influence.
1568 (during)
Elizabeth ended negotiations to marry the son of Ferdinand I Holy Roman Emperor after it became impossible to agree terms of the marriage.
1568 (May)
Mary Queen of Scots escaped from Loch Leven Castle and fled to England where she sought the protection of Elizabeth I. She was escorted to Carlisle Castle where she was placed under virtual house arrest.
1569 (during)
Elizabeth considered marrying Henry Duke of Anjou.
1569 (Autumn)
Northern Uprising
A number of northern Catholic nobles mounted a rebellion against the rule of Elizabeth I. They wanted to replace her with Mary Queen of Scots. However, the uprising failed when it was discovered that Mary had been moved to Coventry. More than 750 people were executed for their part in the rebellion.

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Harvard Reference for this page:

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