English History 990 – 999

Aethelred the Unready


This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 990 – 999

The king of England for this period was Aethelred the Unready



990 (13th February)
Aelfgar, Archbishop of Canterbury, died.
990 (After 13th February)
Sigeric was appointed new Archbishop of Canterbury
990 (during)
A son, Edmund was born to Aethelred and Aelfgifu.
991 (10th August)
Battle of Maldon
Byrhtnoth of Essex was defeated by the Danish Vikings led by Olaf Tryggvason.
991 (during)
Following the Viking victory at Maldon Aethelred was forced to pay the Vikings £10,000 pounds (3.3 kg of silver) to make them leave Wessex alone. The payment was known as a Danegeld.
A son, Cnut was born to the Danish Viking leader Sweyn Forkbeard
994 (during)
A party of Viking raiders sailed up the River Thames and put London under siege. Aethelred was forced to make another Danegeld payment to make the raiders leave. This time the Viking leader Olaf Trygvasson, demanded £16,000 (5.3 kg of silver)
994 (28th October)
Sigeric, Archbishop of Canterbury, died
995 (during)
995 (21st April)
Aelfric was appointed new Archbishop of Canterbury.
997 (during)
There were more Danish raids on Cornwall and Devon.
998 (during)
There were further Danish raids on Sussex
999 (during)
There were Viking raids on Sussex and Kent.

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