Hillary Rodham Clinton 1947 –

Hillary ClintonFather – Hugh Rodham
Mother – Dorothy Rodham
Spouse – Bill Clinton
Children – Chelsea


1947 (26th October)
Hillary Rodham Clinton was born Hillary Diane Rodham in Edgewater hospital Chicago to Hugh and Dorothy Rodham. The family lived at 5722 N. Winthrop Avenue, Chicago.
1950 (during)
The Rodham family moved to Park Ridge, Illinois. Hillary’s father managed a textile business and her mother was a housewife.
1950 (26th May)
Hillary’s brother Hugh Edwin Rodham was born.
1954 (during)
Hillary’s brother Anthony Dean Rodham was born.
1960 (during)
First became involved in politics canvassing for Richard Nixon in Chicago
1962 (during)
Hillary attended Maine Township High School.
1962 (15th April)
Hillary met Martin Luther King after attending one of his talks with her Methodist church group.
1964 (Autumn)
Helped with the door to door presidential campaign of Republican Barry Goldwater.
1965 (Autumn)
Hillary went to Wellesley College where she studied Political Science.
1965 (during)
Became the president of the young Republicans at Wellesley College.
1968 (during)
Hillary’s political views began to become more liberal as she encountered protests against the Vietnam War, civil rights protests and the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy.
1969 (31st May)
Graduated from Wellesley College with high honours in Political Science.
1969 (Autumn)
Attended Yale Law College. Served on the board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action.
1970 (during)
Worked at the Yale Child Study Center and was a research assistant for the book Beyond the Best Interests of the Child (pub 1973)
1970 (during)
Recruited to work on the political campaign of Connecticut U.S. Senate candidate Joseph Duffey.
1971 (Spring)
Began dating fellow Yale student, Bill Clinton.
1972 (Summer)
Hillary and Bill Clinton both campaigned in Texas for the Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern.
1973 (May)
Received a Juris Doctor degree from Yale Law School
1973 (After May)
Moved to Washington DC where she worked for the Children’s Defence Fund.
1974 (during)
Served on the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate affair.
1974 (later)
Hillary left Washington and moved to Arkansas to be near Bill Clinton. She took a job as a law professor at the University of Arkansas.
1975 (11th October)
Hillary Diane Rodham married William Jefferson Clinton. The couple lived in Fayetteville. Hillary chose to keep the name Rodham.
1976 (November)
Bill Clinton was elected Arkansas Attorney General and the couple moved to the state capital, Little Rock.
1977 (February)
Hillary joined the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. She specialised in intellectual property law and patent infringements.
1977 (during)
Hillary published an article entitled “Children’s Policies: Abandonment and Neglect”
1977 (during)
Hillary co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
1977 (during)
President Jimmy Carter appointed her to the board of directors of the Legal Services Corporation
1978 (during)
In a bid to generate extra income, Hillary made a number of trades of cattle futures contracts
1978 (Summer)
Hillary became chairman of the board of directors of the Legal Services Corporation, the first woman to have the appointment.
1978 (November)
Bill Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas.
1979 (during)
Hillary published an article entitled “Children’s Rights: A Legal Perspective” in which she argued that children’s legal status was dependent on their age.
1979 (January)
Bill Clinton took up his position as Governor of Arkansas and Hillary became first lady of Arkansas.
1979 (after January)
Bill Clinton appointed Hillary Clinton chair of the Rural Health Advisory Committee in Arkansas.
1979 (during)
Hillary became the first woman to be appointed a full partner of the Rose Law Firm.
1979 (during)
From an initial stake of $1,000 in cattle futures Hillary generated a return of $100,000
1979 (18th June)
Hillary and Bill Clinton went into partnership with James and Susan McDougal and founded the Whitewater Development Corporation. Their idea was to develop holiday properties on a 230 acre site along the banks of the White River in Arkansas. The four had borrowed $203,000 to buy the land and subsequently transferred ownership of the land and the debt to the Whitewater Development Corporation. Unable to sell the land plots, Jim McDougal decided to found his own bank. The source of the money he raised was dubious and subsequent investigations involved the Clintons due to their partnership in the Whitewater Development Corporation.
1980 (27th February)
A daughter, Chelsea, Victoria was born to Hillary and Bill Clinton at Little Rock Arkansas
1980 (November)
Bill Clinton failed to be re-elected Governor of Arkansas.
1982 (during)
Hillary became a member of the board of governors for the New World Foundation, a liberal organisation that supported the work of civil rights movements and others involved in equality for all citizens.
1982 (27th February)
Hillary announced that she had changed her name to Hillary Rodham Clinton. She made the move to help her husband campaign for re-election in 1982.
1982 (November)
Bill Clinton was re-elected Governor of Arkansas.
1983 (during)
Hillary was appointed chair of the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee and worked to reform the state educational system. Her reforms included introducing teacher testing.
1983 (during)
Hillary Clinton was named Arkansas Woman of the Year
1984 (during)
Hillary was named Arkansas Mother of the Year
1985 (during)
Hillary introduced the Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youth programme which sought to help pre-school children with basic literacy and prepare them for school.
1986 (during)
Hillary served on the board of the Children’s Defense Fund, a position she would hold for six years.
1986 (during)
Hillary became the first female member of the Board of Wal-Mart
1987 (during)
Hillary was appointed chair of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession
1988 (during)
Hillary resigned her position on the board of governors for the New World Foundation having served for six years.
1988 (during)
Hillary served on the board of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Legal Services, a position she would hold for four years.
1990 (during)
Hillary considered running for position of Governor of Arkansas but she was not popular in the polls and so Bill ran instead.
1991 (3rd October)
Bill Clinton announced that he would run for the Democratic presidential nomination.
1992 (during)
Bill Clinton gained the Democratic nomination for the presidency. During the campaign Hillary came under attack for being a career woman in her own right rather than a stay at home mum or support to her husband.
1992 (November)
Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States.
1993 (20th January)
Hillary became First Lady of the United States when her husband took up office in the White House. She changed her name again, dropping Rodham and appearing on official documentation and invitations as Mrs Hillary Clinton.
1993 (25th January)
Bill Clinton appointed Hillary chair of the Task Force on National Health Reform designed to try to improve health care for people by forcing employers to provide health care for their employees.
1994 (22nd April)
Hillary held a press conference to deny charges that she acted illegally in the Whitewater affair.
1994 (July)
Hillary’s campaign for Health Reform met with huge and sometimes violent disapproval.
1994 (September)
The Clinton administration’s bid to reform Health Care had to be abandoned due to lack of support in the House. Hillary’s approval rating as First Lady had also fallen dramatically.
1996 (January)
Hillary’s book “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us” was published. In the book she lays out her ideals for America’s children.
1996 (November)
Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States for a second term.
1997 (during)
Hillary, together with Edward Kennedy and Orrin Hatch, succeeded in getting the State Children’s Health Insurance Program passed. This program stated that the state should provide health care for any child whose parents could not afford to provide it for them.
1998 (during)
The Clintons became the focus of the media when it was revealed that Bill Clinton had had an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky.
1998 (19th December)
Bill Clinton was impeached by the House but was cleared of all charges. 2000 (during) A report into the Whitewater affair absolved the Clintons of any wrongdoing.
2000 (during)
Hillary announced that she was going to run for New York Senator. She resumed using Rodham and her name on the ballot paper was Hillary Rodham Clinton.
2000 (7th November)
Hillary was elected Senator for New York defeating the Republican candidate, Rick Lazio
2001 (3rd January)
Hillary took up her position as Senator for New York.
2001 (during)
Hillary served on the Senate Committee on Budget. She held the position for one year
2001 (during)
Hillary served on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. She held all these positions for eight years.
2001 (after 11th September)
Hillary worked hard to obtain funding to redevelop the World Trade Center site.
2001 (late)
Hillary voted in favour of military action against Afghanistan.
2002 (October)
Hillary voted in favour of war against Iraq.
2003 (during)
Hillary served on the Senate Committee on Armed Services. She held the position for six years and made many overseas trips to visit US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
2003 (9th June)
‘Living History’ an autobiography by Hillary Clinton was published.
2004 (November)
Hillary announced that she would seek re-election as Senator for New York.
2006 (7th November)
Hillary Rodham Clinton was re-elected Senator for New York.
2007 (20th January)
Hillary announced that she would seek the Democratic Presidential nomination. She would run as Hillary Clinton.
2008 (7th June)
Hillary withdrew from the Presidential nomination race and gave her support to fellow Democrat, Barack Obama.
2008 (3rd October)
Hillary supported the bailout of the US financial services
2008 (4th November)
Barack Obama became President of the United States.
2008 (20th November)
Barack Obama appointed Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State.
2009 (21st January)
Hillary took up her appointment as Secretary of State.
2010 (16th January)
Went to Haiti to assess the situation and help the disaster victims following the earthquake.
2010 (21st May)
Made a speech warning of the consequences should North Korea’s attack on a South Korean warship go unpunished.
2010 (July)
Made a diplomatic tour of Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
2010 (31st July)
Attended the wedding of her daughter, Chelsea, to Marc Mezvinsky.
2010 (late November)
After the release of confidential state messages by Wiki leaks, Hillary made a number of speeches designed to limit the damage caused by the leaks.
2011 (February)
As the Arab Spring began, Hillary led the US response to the events.
2011 (March)
Hillary approved military intervention in Libya.
2011 (April)
Hillary spoke in favour of a US mission into Pakistan to destroy Osama Bin Laden.
2011 (August)
Hillary was at the forefront of the United States move to try to persuade Bashir al-Assad to step down in Syria.
2012 (15th October)
Hillary made a speech taking formal responsibility for security lapses which led to the attack on the Benghazi US diplomatic mission and the death of the US ambassador and three other American citizens.
2012 (November)
Barack Obama won the Presidential election.
2012 (December)
Hillary was hospitalised for a short time following the discovery of a blood clot in her transverse venous sinus.
2012 (December)
Hillary told Obama that she did not want to serve a second term as Secretary of State. John Kerry was appointed her successor.
2013 (1st February)
Hillary Clinton officially resigned as Secretary of State.
2013 (after February)
Hillary joined her husband and daughter working for the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. She focused her work on early childhood development and backed a move to encourage the education of girls worldwide.
2014 (November)
The House Intelligence Committee Report into the Benghazi attack concluded that the US administration had committed no wrongdoing.
2015 (March)
Hillary became involved in controversy when it was revealed that she had used a private email server to send emails during her time as Secretary of State.
2015 (12th April)
Hillary resigned her position in the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation as she announced her intention to run for the 2016 Presidential election.
2015 (15th July)
A report regarding the emails sent by private email server stated that many of the emails contained classified information and should not have been sent using a private server.
2016 (6th June)
Hillary Clinton had secured enough delegates to be given the Democratic nomination for the 2016 Presidential election.
2016 (26th September)
Hillary Clinton went head to head in the first Presidential debate with Donald Trump. Polls suggested that she won the debate.
2016 (9th October)
Hillary Clinton went head to head in the second Presidential debate with Donald Trump. Polls suggested that she won the debate.
2016 (19th October)
Hillary Clinton went head to head in the first Presidential debate with Donald Trump. Polls suggested that she won the debate.
2016 (8th November)
Despite being ahead in the polls, Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump.
2016 (after 8th November)
Hillary withdrew from public life and spent time with her family to get over being defeated.
2017 (May)
Hillary launched a new organisation – Onward Together – to encourage young people to go into politics.
2017 (September)
Hillary published a new book ‘What Happened’ a book about her experience of running for the presidency.


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