Isabella of Gloucester 1173 -1217

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Likeness Unknown


Father – William Earl of Gloucester
Mother – Hadwise de Beaumont
Spouse – King John of England, Geoffrey FitzGeoffrey, Hubert de Burgh
Children – No children




1173 (around)
A daughter, Isabella was born to William Earl of Gloucester and Lady Hawise de Beaumont.
1175 (during)
Isabella’s father gave King Henry II Bristol Castle as a gift to prove his loyalty to the King and maintain royal favour.
1176 (during)
Isabella was betrothed to King Henry II’s youngest son, Prince John.
1183 (23rd November)
Isabella’s father died. King Henry II made Isabella his ward and he took control of her father’s lands.
1189 (during)
King Henry II died. He was succeced by John’s brother, Richard. John became heir to the throne.
1189 (29th August)
Isabella married John at Marlborough Castle, Wiltshire. John took possession of the earldom of Gloucester.
1189 (after 29th August)
Baldwin, Archbishop of Canterbury, spoke against the marriage saying that they were too closely related (they shared the same great grandfather, Henry I). John promised the archbishop that he would seek a papal dispensation but he never did.
1190 (during)
Isabella and John made a visit to the continent.
1199 (6th April)
John became King of England when Richard I died.
1199 (27th May)
John was crowned King of England but Isabella was not crowned with him. It is likely that John had already decided to divorce her.
1200 (early)
Isabella was divorced by John. He then made her his ward which meant he maintained control of her lands.
1200 (24th August)
John married Isabella of Angouleme, the 12year old daughter of the Count of Angouleme who might have posed a threat to John’s lands in France.
1214 (during)
Isabella married Geoffrey FitzGeoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex. John had charged Geoffrey 20,000 marks to marry Isabella and take possession of the earldom of Gloucester.
1214 (during)
King John refused to give Isabella and Geoffrey possession of Bristol Castle which had been owned by her father.
1215 (during)
Isabella and Geoffrey were among those nobles that rebelled against the King.
1216 (during)
Isabella’s husband, Geoffrey was killed in a jousting tournament.
1216 (18th October)
John died at Newark Castle Lincolnshire. He was succeeded by his son, Henry.
1217 (September)
Isabella married Hubert de Burgh, Chief Justicar of England.
1217 (14th October)
Isabella died. She was buried in Canterbury Cathedral.


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Heather Y Wheeler. (2018). Isabella of Gloucester 1173 – 1217. Available: Last accessed March 21st, 2019


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