Lyndon Baines Johnson 1908 – 1973

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Lyndon Baines Johnson


Father – Samuel Ealy Johnson
Mother – Rebekah Baines
Spouse – Claudia Thompson (Bird)
Children – Lynda, Luci



1908 (27th August)
Lyndon Baines Johnson was born near Stonewall, Texas to Samuel Ealy Johnson and Rebekah Baines.
1910 (during)
Lyndon’s sister Rebekah was born.
1912 (during)
Lyndon’s parents moved the family to Johnson City when his father failed as a farmer.
1913 (during)
Lyndon’s sister Josefa was born.
1914 (31st January)
Lyndon’s brother Samuel Houston Hohnson was born in Johnson City, Texas.
1916 (during)
Lyndon’s sister Lucia was born.
1924 (Summer)
Lyndon graduated from Johnson City High School.
1924 (Summer)
Lyndon spent time taking casual jobs in California.
1927 (Autumn)
Lyndon enrolled at Southwest Texas State Teachers’ College.
1930 (Summer)
Lyndon graduated from Southwest Texas State Teachers’ College
1930 (September)
Lyndon took a teaching job at Pearsall High School.
1930 (Autumn)
Lyndon campaigned for Texas State Senator Welly Hopkins.
1931 (during)
Lyndon Johnson became Congressional Secretary to Richard Kleberg.
1934 (17th November)
Lyndon Baines Johnson married Claudia Taylor (Lady Bird)
1935 (during)
Lyndon became National Youth Administrator for Texas.
1937 (10th April)
Lyndon became a member of the US House of Representatives.
1940 (21st June)
Lyndon became a Lieutenant Commander in the US Naval Reserve.
1941 (November)
Lyndon ran for Democratic US Senate nomination but was narrowly defeated.
1941 (7th December)
The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The United States declared war on Japan
1942 (Spring)
Lyndon was sent to the Southwest Pacific to compile a report for President Roosvelt on conditions in the region.
1942 (9th June)
Lyndon volunteered to be an observer for an air strike on New Guinea. He was awarded the Silver Star for his part in the mission.
1942 (7th July)
Lyndon was released from active service and given a desk job in the navy.
1944 (19th March)
A daughter, Lynda Bird Johnson was born to Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson.
1945 (6th August)
The atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.
1947 (2nd July)
A daughter Luci Baines Johnson was born to Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson.
1948 (November)
Lyndon became a United States Senator
1949 (19th October)
Lyndon became a Commander in the Navy Reserve.
1953 (21st June)
Lyndon became Senate minority leader.
1955 (during)
Lyndon became Senate majority leader.
1955 (2nd July)
Lyndon, who was a heavy smoker, suffered a massive heart attack. He immediately gave up smoking.
1958 (29th July)
Lyndon was an influential proponent of the National Aeronautics and Space Act which set up NASA.
1960 (14th July)
John Kennedy offered Lyndon the Vice Presedential nomination and Lyndon accepted.
1960 (8th November)
John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson won the presedential election.
1961 (January)
Lyndon Baines Johnson became Vice President to President John Kennedy
1963 (22nd November)
President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Lyndon was sworn in as President on the same day
1963 (27th November)
President Johnson addressed Congress where he called on legislators to fulfill Kennedy’s legacy and pass civil rights laws.
1963 (29th November)
Lyndon announced that NASAs Apollo Launch Operations Centre at Cape Canaveral would be renamed the John F Kennedy Space Center.
1963 (29th November)
Lyndon Johnson appointed a commission, led by Chief Justice Earl Warren, to investigate the assassination of John F Kennedy.
1963 (17th December)
The Clean Air Act was introduced to tackle pollution.
1964 (18th January)
Lyndon resigned from the Navy Reserve.
1964 (23rd January)
The 24th Amendment to the US Constitution made it illegal for anyone have to pay to vote.
1964 (22nd May)
Johnson made a speech at the University of Michigan where he declared that he wanted to create a Great Society where all citizens were free of poverty.
1964 (2nd July)
President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act
1964 (15th July)
Barry Goldwater was declared the Republican nominee for President.
1964 (4th August)
James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, three civil rights workers participating in the Mississippi Freedom Summer, were found dead.
1964 (7th August)
Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which gave Johnson the power to escalate military action in Vietnam.
1964 (26th August)
Johnson was nominated as Democratic candidate for President. Hubert Humphrey was nominated as his running mate.
1964 (30th August)
President Johnson signed the Economic Opportunity Act beginning his war on poverty.
1964 (27th September)
The Warren Commission reported that Kennedy was assassinated by a lone marksman.
1964 (14th October)
Martin Luther King was given the Nobel Peace Prize.
1964 (3rd November)
Lyndon Johnson was unanimously elected President of the United States.
1965 (4th January)
Johnson gave his State of the Union address. He outlined his vision for a ‘Great Society’
1965 (20th January)
Lyndon Johnson was inaugurated as President of the United States.
1965 (9th February)
President Johnson began bombing NOrth Vietnam.
1965 (21st February)
Malcolm X was assassinated in New York City.
1965 (7th March)
Civil Rights Protesters from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee were attacked by state troopers.
1965 (15th March)
Lyndon Johnson introduces the Voting Rights Act. In a speech he called on white Americans to make the cause of African Americans their own.
1965 (28th July)
Johnson increased the number of troops in Vietnam.
1965 (30th July)
Legislation was signed creating Medicare and Midicaid.
1965 (6th August)
The Voting Rights Act passed both houses and became law. The Act banned discriminatory voting practices such as literacy tests.
1965 (11th August)
The Watts Riots broke out in Los Angeles. Sparked by tension between black Americans and the police, the riots left 34 people dead and around 1,000 injured.
1966 (6th June)
James Meredith, the first black American to be accepted by the University of Mississippi, was shot dead.
1966 (October)
Lyndon Johnson made an official visit to Australia.
1967 (5th June)
The Six Day War began.
1967 (Summer)
The Hippie Movement began. Followers protested against the Vietnam War by preaching ‘Make Love Not War’.
1968 (30th January)
The Tet Offensive was a suprise attack on the Americans by the Vietnamese.
1968 (16th March)
The My Lai Massacre saw the mass killing of ordinary Vietnamese people by American troops.
1968 (31st March)
Lyndon announced that he would not seek re-election. Robert Kennedy became the favourite Democratic candidate.
1968 (4th April)
Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated.
1968 (5th June)
Robert Kennedy was assassinated.
1968 (20th August)
The Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia to end the independence movement.
1968 (25th August)
Hubert Humphrey was nominated as Democratic candidate for President.
1968 (22nd October)
Lyndon Johnson signed the Gun Control Act which imposed regulations on the owning of firearms.
1968 (November)
The Democrats lost the election to Richard Nixon
1969 (January
Lyndon retired to his ranch in Stonewall, Texas where he began writing his first book The Choices We Face.
1969 (March)
Johnson’s book The Choices We Face was published.
1970 (March)
Lyndon, who had gained weight and started smoking again, was taken to Brooke Army General Hospital suffering from angina.
1971 (Summer)
Lyndon, had another serious angina attack. He immediately went on a strict diet.
1971 (October)
Johnson’s book The Vantage Point: Perspectives of the Presidency 1963 – 1969 was published.
1972 (April)
Lyndon, suffered another heart attack while visiting his daughter in Virginia.
1972 (Summer)
Lyndon, learned that his heart was so badly damaged that surgical intervention had to be ruled out.
1973 (22nd January)
Lyndon Baines Johnson died of heart failure in Johnson City, Texas.


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