Mary de Bohun 1368 – 1394

Mary de Bohun


Father – Humphrey de Bohun
Mother – Joan Fitzalan
Spouse – Henry Bolingbroke
Children – Edward, Henry, Thomas, John, Humphrey, Blanche, Philippa



1368 (around)
A daughter, Mary, was born to Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Joan Fitzalan. She was the couple’s second daughter, Eleanor had been born two years earlier.
1373 (16th January)
Mary’s father, Humphrey de Bohun, died. His fortune was divided between his two children, Eleanor and Mary who were made wards of King Edward III.
1376 (during)
Mary’s sister, Eleanor, married Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester, youngest son of King Edward III. They made their home at Pleshey Castle.
1377 (during)
Mary’s brother-in-law, Thomas of Woodstock, tried to steer Mary, who was resident at Pleshey Castle, towards entering a convent. He wanted to ensure that he inherited the Bohun fortune.
1377 (21st June)
King Edward III died. His grandson Richard, became King Richard II.
1378 (during)
John of Gaunt, who wanted Mary to marry his son, Henry Bolingbroke, arranged for Mary to be removed from Pleshey Castle and taken to Arundel Castle. Mary’s mother, Joan helped move her daughter.
1380 (27th July)
Mary married Henry Bolingbroke at Arundel Castle. Due to the couples’ young ages the bride (aged 12 years) they were advised that the marriage should not be consummated but the young couple disobeyed.
1382 (April)
A son, Edward, was born to Mary and Henry, but he only lived for four days.
1384 (22nd December)
Mary’s husband Henry was created Earl of Northampton.
1386 (Autumn)
Mary’s husband, Henry, was one of a group of nobles, known as the Lords Appellant, that sought to curb the increasingly tyrannical rule of King Richard II.
1387 (9th August)
A son, Henry, was born to Henry and Mary de Bohun at Monmouth Castle.
1388 (29th September)
A son, Thomas, was born to Henry and Mary de Bohun.
1389 (20th June)
A son, John, was born to Henry and Mary de Bohun.
1390 (During)
Mary’s husband, Henry, spent much of the year on crusade with the Teutonic Knights laying siege to the capital of Lithuania, Vilinius. They were unsuccessful and Henry returned home.
1390 (3rd October)
A son, Humphrey, was born to Henry and Mary de Bohun.
1392 (during)
Mary’s husband, Henry embarked on a second crusade to take control of Lithuania. When this failed again he made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
1392 (Spring)
A daughter, Blanche, was born to Henry and Mary de Bohun.
1394 (4th June)
Mary died in childbirth. The child, Philippa survived.


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