Osburgh of Wessex 810 – 855

Osburgh of Wessex


Father – Oslac
Mother – Unknown
Spouse – King Aethelwulf of Wessex
Children – Aethelstan, Aethelbald, Aethelberht, Aethelswitha, Aethelred, Alfred




810 (around)
A daughter, Osburgh, was born to Oslac who was or became Aethelwulf’s butler. She was possibly born on the Isle of Wight.
830 (during)
Osburgh married Aethelwulf eldest son and heir of King Egbert of Wessex.
832 (around)
A son, Aethelstan, was born to Osburgh and Aethelwulf.
834 (around)
A son, Aethelbald, was born to Osburgh and Aethelwulf.
836 (around)
A son, Aethelberht, was born to Osburgh and Aethelwulf.
836 (during)
The Vikings attacked North Devon and Somerset. Osburgh’s father-in-law, Egbert, tried to defeat them at the Battle of Carhampton but he was forced to retreat.
838 (around)
A daughter, Aethelswitha, was born to Osburgh and Aethelwulf.
838 (during)
Osburgh’s father-in-law, King Egbert fought a combined force of Vikings and Cornishmen at the Battle of Hingston Down and was victorious.
839 (February)
Osburgh’s husband, Aethelwulf became King of Wessex when his father, Egbert died.
839 (June)
Osburgh’s husband Aethelwulf was crowned at Kingston-upon-Thames.
839 (Summer)
Osburgh’s son, Aethelstan, was created subregulus of Kent, Essex and Sussex.
840 (around)
A son, Aethelred, was born to Osburgh and Aethelwulf.
840 (around)
The Vikings began making raids along the South coast of England.
843 (Easter)
Osburgh’s husband, Aethelwulf was defeated by a Viking force at Carhampton.
849 (around)
A son, Alfred, was born to Osburgh and Aethelwulf at Wantage, Berkshire.
850 (during)
A Viking raiding force was defeated by Osburgh’s son Aethelstan in a naval battle off Sandwich, Kent.
851 (during)
Osburgh’s husband Aethelwulf fought a Danish force at Acleah in Surrey and was victorious.
852 (during)
Osburgh’s son, Aethelstan, died.
853 (during)
Osburgh’s youngest son, Alfred, was sent to Rome to be confirmed by the Pope. As a younger son, he was possibly being prepared for a life in the Church.
853 (Easter)
Osburgh’s daughter, Aethelswitha, married King Burgred of Mercia, sealing an alliance between Wessex and Mercia.
853 (Autumn)
Aethelwulf and Burgred of Mercia joined forces to defeat the Welsh led by Cyngen ap Cadell.
854 (around)
Osburgh died.


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