Ser Criston Cole Timeline – House of the Dragon

Criston Cole Info

Criston Cole TimelineFather – Steward of Blackhaven
Mother – Not known
Siblings – Not known
Spouse – None
Children – None

This Ser Criston Cole timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in the life of the fictitious character as shown in the TV series House of the Dragon

Please Note: In the TV adaptation, characters’ ages are different to those in the books. The ages given in this timeline are those known to have been decided by the show, or are approximations made using a combination of the ages in the book and the ages of the actors.

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Ser Criston Cole Timeline

Before Season 1 Age 0
Criston Cole was born the son of Steward of Blackhaven. His father was head of House Cole which was sworn to House Dondarrion. 
Before Season 1 Age not known
Criston Cole fought for House Dondarrion in the border disputes with Dorne. He was knighted by Arlan Dondarrion for his service.
Season 1 Age 30
Ser Criston Cole arrived in Kings Landing to take part in the tournament being held to mark the impending birth of the heir to the throne. He was not known in the capital and people were intrigued by the mystery knight. Cole defeated all opponents to reach the final against Daemon Targaryen. After knocking Daemon off his horse the two drew their weapons and continued the fight. Targaryen knocked Cole to the ground and began celebrating his victory. Cole then knocked Daemon to the floor claiming ultimate victory. He removed his helmet and asked Princess Rhaenyra for her favour.
Season 1 Age 30
Criston Cole was one of the candidates for Commander of the Kingsguard. Princess Rhaenyra chose him for the post because he was the only one with combat skill.
Season 1 Age 33
Criston Cole attended the hunt to mark the second birthday of Prince Aegon. He followed Princess Rhaenyra when she angrily rode off into the woods and stayed with her when she refused to return to the main camp. During the night a wild boar attacked Rhaenyra which she killed. Criston and Rhaenyra returned to the main camp the next morning with their kill.
Season 1 Age 33
Criston Cole was stationed on guard duty outside Princess Rhaenyra’s room. He bade her goodnight when she retired to bed. He was very surprised when she appeared at her door some hours later. Rhaenyra then seduced Criston.
Season 1 Age 33
Ser Criston accompanied the royal party when they went to Driftmark to negotiate the marriage of Rhaenyra to Laenor Velaryon. On the return journey he spoke to Rhaenyra and suggested they run away together. She turned him down saying that she had a duty to the Crown and had to marry a nobleman.
Season 1 Age 33
After returning to Kings Landing, Ser Criston was summoned before Queen Alicent. She questioned him regarding Rhaenyra’s virginity. Angry at Rhaenyra turning him down and full of guilt, he admitted that he had allowed Rhaenyra to seduce him. He was very surprised when she let him go.
Season 1 Age 33
Cole was present at the preliminary wedding feast. He was approached by Ser Joffrey Lonmouth, Laenor’s love interest, who remarked that he knew Ser Criston loved Rhaenyra. A fight broke out and Criston killed Lonmouth.
Season 1 Age 33
Ser Criston Cole went to the Godswood to commit suicide. However, Alicent arrived before he could do the deed.
Season 1 Age 43
Ser Criston Cole was training Alicent and Rhaenyra’s children. He favoured Alicent’s children,
Season 1
To be continued


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