Ancient Egypt 3500 – 332 BCE

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the Periods, dynasties, rulers and significant events in Ancient Egyptian history Please note: all dates are BC (BCE) Predynastic 3500 – 3150 0 Dynasty – 3500 – 3150 Rulers Iry Hor Ka Events Early people settled in the Nile Valley Farming began in the Nile region Early Dynastic … Read more

Wars, 1st to 10th Century

This timeline details all wars that happened during the 1st to 10th Centuries 66 BCE to 217 CE Roman-Parthinian War Fought between: Roman Republic/Empire against the Parthinian Empire Result: Stalemate – Rome and Parthia jointly ruled Armenia. 43 to 77 Roman Conquest of Britain Fought between: Roman Empire against Britain Result: The Romans conquered Britain. … Read more

Roman Britain 55 BCE – 410 CE

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in Roman Britain 55B CE – 410 CE Please note: we have chosen to use BCE (Before Common Era) rather than BC (Before Christ) and CE (Common Era) rather than AD (Anno Domini) 55 BCE (26th – 31st August) Julius Caesar’s first invasion Julius Caesar … Read more