Jocasta Culpeper 1480 – 1528


Jocasta Culpeper Likeness Unknown


Father – Richard Culpeper
Mother – Isabel Worsley
Spouses – Ralph Leigh, Edmund Howard
Children – by Ralph Leigh – Isabel, John, Ralph, Joyce, Margaret; by Edmund Howard – Henry, Charles, George, Kathryn, Margaret, Mary



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Julius Caesar 100 BCE – 44 BCE


Julius Caesar

Father – Gaius Julius Caesar
Mother – Aurelia Cotta
Spouse – Cornelia, Pompeia, Calpurnia
Children – Julia, Caesarion

Please note: we have chosen to use the new format BCE (before common era) rather than the old BC (before Christ)



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King Cnut the Great of England, Denmark and Norway 994 – 1035

King Cnut the Great

Father – King Sweyn Forkbeard
Mother – Gunhilda
Spouse – Aelfgifu of Northampton, Emma of Normandy
Children – Sweyn, Harold, Harthacnut, Gunhilda
King of England – 1016 – 1035
Predecessor – King Edmund Ironside
Successor – King Harold Harefoot



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Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk 1484 – 1585

Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk


Father – William Brandon
Mother – Elizabeth Bruyn
Spouses – Margaret Neville, Anne Browne, Mary Tudor, Catherine Willoughby
Children – by Anne Browne – Anne, Mary; by Mary Tudor – Henry, Frances, Eleanor, Henry; by Catherine Willoughby – Henry, Charles


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Oliver Cromwell 1599 – 1658


Oliver Cromwell


Father – Robert Cromwell
Mother – Elizabeth Steward
Spouse – Elizabeth Bourchier
Children – Robert, Oliver, Bridget, Richard, Henry, Elizabeth, James, Mary, Frances
Lord Protector of England and Scotland – 1649 – 1658
Predecessor – King Charles I
Successor – Interregnum – Richard Cromwell Lord Protector


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King Charles I of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland 1600 – 1649


Charles I


Father – King James I of England, VI of Scotland
Mother – Anne of Denmark
Spouse – Henrietta Maria of France
Children – Charles, Charles, Mary, James, Elizabeth, Anne, Catherine, Henry, Henrietta
King of England and Scotland – 1625 – 1649
Predecessor – King James I of England, VI of Scotland
Successor – Interregnum – Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector


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King Charles II of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland 1630 – 1685


King Charles II


Father – King Charles I of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland
Mother – Henrietta Maria of France
Spouse – Catherine of Braganza
Children – No legitimate, 14 illegitimate children
King of Scotland 1649 – 1685, King of England, Wales and Ireland 1660 – 1685
Predecessor – Interregnum – Richard Cromwell Lord Protector
Successor – James II


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Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1744 – 1818


Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz


Father – Charles Louis Frederick of Mecklenburg
Mother – Elisabeth Albertine of Saxe-Hildburghausen
Spouse – King George III of Great Britain
Children – George, Frederick, William, Charlotte, Edward, Augusta, Elizabeth, Ernest, Adolphus, Mary, Sophia, Octavius, Alfred, Amelia



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International Relations: The Cold War 1945 – 1991


Cold War Map

 This timeline details the main events of the period known as the Cold War and is linked to the GCSE topic International Relations: The Cold War Era 1945 – 1991

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