Vietnam War Causes and Events 1887 – 1978

This timeline details the main events of the conflict between the USA and Vietnam known as the Vietnam War and those events that are considered long term and short term causes of the war. Long Term Events 1887 (17th October) France took control of  Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, collectively known as Indochina at the time. … Read more

Prime Ministers of Australia 1901 – Present

Prime Ministers of Australia - Scott Morrison

A Timeline of Prime Ministers of Australia from 1901 to present day

In 1788 British ships arrived in Sydney, New South Wales and a penal colony was established. Over the next hundred years more colonies were established, each ruled by a Governor responsible to the British Parliament. Each colony had its own laws and travelling from one colony to another meant passing through border controls. At the end of the nineteenth century, after several years of campaigning, the six colonies decided to come together as the Federation of Australia. A constitution was drawn up and approved by the British Parliament and Queen Victoria. The Federation of Australia came into effect on 1st January 1901.

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Bay of Pigs Invasion 1961 Causes and Events

 This timeline details the Causes and Events of the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba Long Term Causes 1868 (10th October) Ten Years’ War Cuba had been under control of Spain since it was discovered by the Spanish in 1492. Rich in sugar plantations, the land was exploited by the Spanish. Cuban nationals now demanded … Read more

Hungarian Revolution 1956

 This timeline details the main events of the Hungarian Revolution, also known as the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 See Also: International Relations: The Cold War 1945 – 1991 Long Term Causes 1940 (20th November) Tripartite Pact Hungary signed this Pact and joined the Axis Powers in World War Two. 1944 (early) Hungarian Prime Minister, Miklos … Read more

Leaders of the Soviet Union 1922 – 1991

A Timeline of Leaders of the Soviet Union from 1922 – 1991 See also: Tsars/ Emperors and Empresses of Russia 1547 – 1917 Presidents of Russia 1991 – Present Vladimir Lenin 30th December 1922 – 21st January 1924 Leader of the Bolshevik Party during the Russian Revolution, Lenin became leader of the Union of Soviet … Read more

International Relations: The Cold War 1945 – 1991

This timeline details the main events of the period known as the Cold War and is linked to the GCSE topic International Relations: The Cold War Era 1945 – 1991 See Also: Leaders of the Soviet Union 1922 – 1991 Presidents of the United States 1789 – Present day 1945 (4th – 11th February) Yalta … Read more

JFK, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917 – 1963

Born – 29th May 1917 Died – 22nd November 1963 (assassinated) Father – Joseph Kennedy (1888 – 1969) Mother – Rose Fitzgerald (1890 – 1995) Spouse – Jacqueline Bouvier (1929 – 1994) Children – Arabella (1956), Caroline (b. 1957), John (1960 – 1999), Patrick (1963) President of the United States – 1961 – 1963 Predecessor … Read more