UK Miners’ Strike 1984 – 1985

This timeline details the main political events of the UK Miners’ Strike 1984 – 1985 Background to the UK Miners’ Strike 1925 (April) Chancellor Winston Churchill presented his first Budget. On the advice of the Bank of England, Churchill restored the British currency to the gold standard. As predicted by economists, this led to deflation … Read more

The California Gold Rush 1842 – 1884

This timeline details the events of the California Gold Rush 1842 – 1884 1842 (9th March) Francisco Lopez found gold in Santa Clarita, California. California was part of Mexico at the time. 1843 (during) Francisco Lopez found more gold in San Feliciano Canyon, California. The find was not publicised. 1846 (during) Francisco Lopez and other … Read more

Industrial Revolution 1708 – 1918

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events of the Industrial Revolution 1708 (during) Jethro Tull developed a mechanised seed drill. This made planting quicker and more efficient. 1709 (during) Abraham Darby used coke instead of coal to smelt iron at his ironworks in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire. 1712 (during) Thomas Newcomen developed the first … Read more