Kings and Queens of Spain 1479 – Present Day

Felipe VI of Spain

This timeline details all Kings and Queens of Spain from 1479 to present day.

Prior to 1479 the separate regions of Spain: Aragon, Asturias, Castile, Galicia, Leon and Navarre had their own kings and queens and were independent of each other. Gradually these regions were conquered by Castile or Aragon. After 1479 the houses of Castile and Aragon were jointly ruled marking the beginning of the Kingdom of Spain. They remained separate entities until 1716.

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Isabella of Castile 1451 – 1504

Isabella of Castile

Father – King Juan II of Castile
Mother – Isabella of Portugal
Spouse – Ferdinand of Aragon
Children – Isabella, Juan, Joanna, Maria, Catalina (Catherine of Aragon)
Queen of Spain 1474 – 1504
Ruled jointly with Ferdinand of Aragon 1475 – 1504
Sucessor – Ferdinand of Aragon 1504 – 1516

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King Philip II of Spain 1527 – 1598

Philip II of Spain

Father – Charles V Holy Roman Emperor
Mother – Isabella of Portugal
Spouses – Maria Manuela, Mary I of England, Elisabeth of Valois, Anna of Austria
Children – by Maria – Don Carlos; by Elisabeth – Isabella, Catherine; by Anna – Ferdinand, Carlos, Diego, Philip, Maria
King of Spain – 1556 – 1596
Preceded by – Charles I
Succeeded by – Philip III

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Eleanor of Castile c1241 – 1290

Eleanor of CastileFather – Ferdinand III of Castile
Mother – Joan, Countess of Ponthieu
Spouse – King Edward I of England
Children – Eleanor, Joan, John, Henry, Katherine, Joan, Alfonso, Margaret, Berengaria, Mary, Isabella, Elizabeth, Edward, Beatrice, Blanche

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