Kings and Queens of the Netherlands 1815 – Present

King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander

This timeline details all Kings and Queens of the Netherlands from 1815 to present day.

In 1795, the Batavian Revolution had overthrown the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands which was led by a hereditory Stadtholder. The Batavian Republic ended in 1806 when Napoleon placed his brother on the throne as King Louis I. In 1810 the Kingdom of the Netherlands became part of the French Empire. When Napoleon fell in October 1813 the Netherlands became independent again. Willem Frederik, son of the last Stadtholder, William V, became Sovereign Prince. In 1815 He became King Willem I.

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Nicholas II Tsar of Russia 1868 – 1918

Nicholas II Tsar of Russia

Father – Tsar Alexander III of Russia
Mother – Maria Fyodorovna
Spouse – Alexandra Feodorovna
Children – Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, Alexei
Tsar of Russia – 1894 – 1917
Predecessor – Alexander III
Successor – Monarchy abolished

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Tsarist Russia 1855 – 1922
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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Nobel Prize Winners 1901 – Present

Nobel Prize Winners

This timeline details the yearly Nobel Prize Winners for Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Economics (from 1969) and Peace. The Nobel Prize winners are announced in October of each year and the awards are presented in Stockholm on 10th December.

The Nobel Prizes were directed to be set up by the terms of Alfred Nobel’s will. Nobel was a Swedish scientist who wanted to recognise international achievement in the Sciences.

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