Pompey Magnus 106 BCE – 48 BCE


Pompey Magnus
Father – Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo
Mother – Not known
Spouse – Antistia, Aemilia, Mucia, Julia, Cornelia
Children – Gnaeus Pompeius, Pompeia Magna, Sextus Pompeius

Please note: we have chosen to use the new format BCE (before common era) rather than the old BC (before Christ)


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The Black Death 1346 – 1353

Black DeathThis timeline is a chronology of the spread of the Black Death that reached Europe in the mid 14th century killing around 50 million people – possibly as many as two thirds of the population.

It was originally thought that the disease was spread by black rats, but due to the rate of spread and the lack of evidence of large numbers of rat corpses (Bubonic plague kills rats), it is now thought that the bacillus that caused the disease was airborne; spread by the victims themselves.

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King Philip II of Spain 1527 – 1598


Philip II of Spain

Father – Charles V Holy Roman Emperor
Mother – Isabella of Portugal
Spouses – Maria Manuela, Mary I of England, Elisabeth of Valois, Anna of Austria
Children – Don Carlos, Isabella, Catherine, Ferdinand, Carlos, Diego, Philip, Maria
Preceded by – Charles I
Succeeded by – Philip III



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UK Prime Ministers 1721 to Present Day

Boris Johnson UK Prime MInisterThis timeline details all UK Prime Ministers from 1721 to present day

Please note our use of:
 Term = Term of Office and applies where the person has become Prime Minister following an election victory

Served = Served as Prime Minister and applies where the person has become Prime Minister by succeeding to the post due to predecessor’s resignation or due to a leadership takeover

Hung Parliament = Where no party has a clear majority

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US Presidents 1789 – Present Day

US Presidents - Donald Trump

This timeline details all US Presidents from 1789 to 2013

Please note our use of:  

Term = Term of Office and applies where the person has become President following an election victory
Served = Where a person has taken over as US President without winning an election

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