Philippa Gregory Historical Fiction and Novels

A timeline of Philippa Gregory historical novels, novels and non-fiction publication 1987 (9th April) Wideacre Book 1 – Wideacre Trilogy Set in the 18th Century 1988 (during) Princess Florizella Book 1 – Princess Florizella Series Children’s Fiction 1989 (during) The Favoured Child Book 2 – Wideacre Trilogy Set in the 18th Century 1990 (3rd May) … Read more

Presidents of the United States/ US Presidents 1789 – Present Day

This timeline details all US Presidents from 1789 to 2021 See also: Republican Presidential Tickets (Nominees) Democratic Presidential Tickets (Nominees) George Washington No Political Party 30th April 1789 – 4th March 1797 George Washington was unanimously elected first US President following the American War of Independence.  John Adams Federalist 4th March 1797 – 4th March … Read more

Pearl Harbor, Causes and Main Events 1919 – 1941

This timeline details the main causes and events of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 1941 Please note: times shown are local times, where applicable Hawaii time has also been given. Causes 1919 (4th May) Paris Peace Conference The Paris Peace Conference held at the end of World War One, had given German rights in … Read more

UK Prime Ministers 1721 to Present Day

This timeline details all UK Prime Ministers from 1721 to present day Sir Robert Walpole 1st Earl of Orford Whig Party 4th April 1721 – 16th February 1742   The term ‘Prime Minister’ was first used to describe Walpole as the most important man in government and the term has been used ever since. He … Read more

Gavrilo Princip 1894 – 1918

Born – 25th July 1894 Died – 28th April 1918 Father – Petar Princip Mother – Marija Mićić Spouse – not married Children – no children Known to History – Assassinated Franz Ferdinand  1894 (25th July) Gavrilo Princip was born to Petar and Marija Princip in Obalj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was the couple’s second … Read more

Piero de Medici (the Unfortunate) 1472 – 1503

Born – 15th February 1472 Died – 28th December 1503 Nickname – Piero the Unfortunate Father – Lorenzo de Medici (1449 – 1492) Mother – Clarice Orsini (1450 – 1488) Spouse – Alfonsina Orsini (1472 – 1520) Children – Lorenzo (1492 – 1519), Clarice (1493 – 1528) Lord of Florence – 1492 – 1494 Preceded … Read more

The Peasant’s Revolt Causes and Events 1348 – 1381

This timeline is a chronology of  the causes and events of the Peasant’s Revolt Causes 1348 (June) The Black Death This deadly form of plague reached England.   1349 (during) Ordinance of Labourers The Black Death had killed around a third of the population. This meant that there were food shortages as there was a … Read more

Prohibition in America, Causes and Events 1789 – 1933

This timeline is a chronology of the causes and events of Prohibition in America Causes 1789 (during) A group of farmers formed a Temperance association. They had been influenced by ‘The Inquiry into the Effects of Ardent Spirits upon the Human Body and Mind’ which had been published in 1784 by the physician Benjamin Rush. … Read more

Republican Party Presidential Tickets (Nominees) 1856 – Present

This timeline details Republican Party Presidential Tickets (Nominees) See also: Democratic Party Presidential Tickets 1856 Presidential Nominee: John C Fremont Vice Presidential Nominee: William L Dayton Lost election to James Buchanan 1860 Presidential Nominee: Abraham Lincoln Vice Presidential Nominee: Hannibal Hamlin Won the election 1864 Presidential Nominee: Abraham Lincoln Vice Presidential Nominee: Andrew Johnson Won … Read more

Bay of Pigs Invasion 1961 Causes and Events

 This timeline details the Causes and Events of the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba Long Term Causes 1868 (10th October) Ten Years’ War Cuba had been under control of Spain since it was discovered by the Spanish in 1492. Rich in sugar plantations, the land was exploited by the Spanish. Cuban nationals now demanded … Read more

Pokemon Movies 1998 – Present

A timeline of Pokemon Movies 18th July 1998 Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back length: 75 minutes Filmed in Japanese and released in Japan English dubbed version released in the USA 10th November 1999 17th July 1999 Pokemon The Movie 2000: The Power of One length: 82 minutes Filmed in Japanese and released in … Read more

Pandemics 430 BCE – Present

This timeline details pandemics through history A pandemic is defined as a disease that spreads across a wide geographical area. Pandemics are generally caused by a new virus, or by a strain of an existing virus that spreads rapidly. They may also be caused by bacteria, though this is rarer nowadays unless it is resistant … Read more

Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland 1919 – Present

A Timeline of Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland from 1919 to present day In January 1919, members of Sinn Féin refused to take their seats in Westminster. Instead they formed their own parliament Dáil Éireann and pushed for self-governance. The Anglo-Irish Treaty of December 1921 granted self-government to 26 counties of Ireland, to be named … Read more

Pilgrimage of Grace 1536 – 1537

This timeline is a chronology of the main events of the protest against religious changes and the closure of the monasteries known as the Pilgrimage of Grace. Background 1534 (Summer) The small order of Friars Observant in London was closed and their seven houses acquired by the crown. Father Forrest from the Greenwich Friars Observant was … Read more

Panama Canal 1513 – Present Day

This timeline shows a chronology of the construction and expansion of the Panama Canal 1513 (during) The explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa was the first person to cross Panama. 1524 (during) Charles V of Spain, Holy Roman Emperor, wanted to find a route through Central America that would offer a direct route for ships travelling … Read more

Pilgrim Fathers 1607 – 1621

This timeline details the main events of the Pilgrim Fathers from their departure from England to the Netherlands in 1607 to the celebration of the first harvest in 1621. 1607 (during) Members of William Bradford’s congregation in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, began to be persecuted for their Separatist belief. They attempted to leave England for the Netherlands … Read more

Elvis Presley 1935 – 1977

Born – 8th January 1935 Died – 16th August 1977 Father – Vernon Elvis Presley (1916 – 1979) Mother – Gladys Love Smith (1912 – 1958) Spouse – m. 1967-1973 – Priscilla Beaulieu (b. 1945) Children – Lisa-Marie (b. 1968) 1935 (8th January) Elvis Presley was born Elvis Aaron Presley to Vernon Elvis Presley and … Read more

King Philip II of Spain 1527 – 1598

Born – 21st May 1527 Died – 13th September 1598 Father – Charles V Holy Roman Emperor (1500 – 1558) Mother – Isabella of Portugal (1503 – 1539) Spouses – m. 1543 – Maria Manuela of Portugal (1527 – 1545); m. 1554 – Mary I of England (1516 – 1558); m. 1559 – Elisabeth of … Read more

Perkin Warbeck 1474 – 1499

Born – c.1474 Died – 23rd November 1499 (executed) Father – Jehan de Werbecque (dates unknown) Mother – Katherine Farou (dates unknown) Spouse – Catherine Gordon (c.1474 – 1537) Children – No children  Known to History – Pretended to be Richard Duke of Shrewsbury, son of King Edward IV and challenged Henry VII’s place on … Read more

Peace and War: International Relations 1900 – 1939

This timeline details the main events covered in the first 40 years of the twentieth century, including World War One and the Inter War Years, and is linked to the GCSE topic Peace and War: International Relations 1900 – 1939 1879 (7th October) The Dual Alliance This was an alliance made between Germany and Austria-Hungary … Read more

Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh 1921 – 2021

Born – 10th June 1921 Died – 9th April 2021 Father – Prince Andrew of Greece (1882 – 1944) Mother – Princess Alice of Battenberg (1885 – 1969) Spouse – m. 1947 – Queen Elizabeth II (b. 1926) Children – Charles (b. 1948), Anne (b. 1950), Andrew (b. 1960), Edward (b. 1964) Royal Consort – … Read more