Presidents of the United States/ US Presidents 1789 – Present Day

This timeline details all US Presidents from 1789 to 2021 See also: Republican Presidential Tickets (Nominees) Democratic Presidential Tickets (Nominees) George Washington No Political Party 30th April 1789 – 4th March 1797 George Washington was unanimously elected first US President following the American War of Independence.  John Adams Federalist 4th March 1797 – 4th March … Read more

Leaders of the Soviet Union 1922 – 1991

A Timeline of Leaders of the Soviet Union from 1922 – 1991 See also: Tsars/ Emperors and Empresses of Russia 1547 – 1917 Presidents of Russia 1991 – Present Vladimir Lenin 30th December 1922 – 21st January 1924 Leader of the Bolshevik Party during the Russian Revolution, Lenin became leader of the Union of Soviet … Read more

World War Two/ Second World War 1939 – 1945

This timeline details the main events of World War Two also known as the Second World War and the years immediately preceding the outbreak of war 1931 1931 (18th September) Pacific Japan invaded Manchuria. China appealed to the League of Nations for support but Japan withdrew from the League. 1935 1935 (14th April) Europe Stresa … Read more