Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset 1500 – 1552

Edward Seymour

Father – John Seymour
Mother – Margery Wentworth
Spouse – Catherine Filiol, Anne Stanhope
Children – by Catherine: John, Edward; by Anne: Edward, Anne, Edward, Henry, Margaret, Jane, Catherine, Edward, Mary, Elizabeth

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Rod Stewart 1945 – Present

Rod Stewart

Father – Robert Joseph Stewart
Mother – Elsie Rebecca Gilbart
Spouses – Alana Collins-Hamilton, Rachel Hunter, Penny Lancaster
Children – Sarah Streeter (adopted); Kimberly Alana, Sean Roderick (by Alana); Ruby (by Kelly Emberg); Renee Cecili, Liam McAlister (by Rachel Hunter); Alastair Wallace, Aiden Patrick (by Penny Lancaster)

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Aslaug Sigurdsdottir

Aslaug Sigurdsdottir

Father – Sigurd
Mother – Brynhildr
Spouse – Ragnar Lothbrok
Children – Ivar, Bjorn, Sigurd, Ubba, Halfdan

Note: Aslaug is a Norse mythological queen who is said to have been the third wife of Ragnar Lothbrok who may or may not have been a real person. The sons of Ragnar and Aslaug were real Vikings.

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Sweyn Forkbeard King of Denmark and England 960 – 1014

Sweyn Forkbeard

Father – Harald Bluetooth
Mother – Gunhilda
Spouse – Gunhilda, Sigrid
Children –  Thyra, Cnut, Harald, Estrid
King of Denmark 986 – 1014
Predecessor – Harald Bluetooth – 958 – 986
Successor – Harald II (Svenson) – 1014 – 1018
King of England – 1013 – 1014
Predecessor – Aethelred
Successor – Aethelred

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King Stephen of England 1097 – 1154

King Stephen

Father – Stephen-Henry of Blois
Mother – Adela
Spouse – Matilda of Boulogne
Children – Baldwin, Eustace, Matilda, William, Marie
King of England – 1135 – 1154
Predecessor – Henry I – 1100 – 1135
Successor – Henry II – 1154 – 1189

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Kings and Queens of Spain 1479 – Present Day

Felipe VI of Spain

This timeline details all Kings and Queens of Spain from 1479 to present day.

Prior to 1479 the separate regions of Spain: Aragon, Asturias, Castile, Galicia, Leon and Navarre had their own kings and queens and were independent of each other. Gradually these regions were conquered by Castile or Aragon. After 1479 the houses of Castile and Aragon were jointly ruled marking the beginning of the Kingdom of Spain. They remained separate entities until 1716.

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The Spanish Armada Causes and Events 1534 – 1588

The Spanish Armada

This timeline details the main causes and events of the Spanish Armada 

Please note: the dates used in this timeline are those that were in use in England in 1588. In Spain the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar occurred in 1582, in England the change did not take place until 1752. The change in calendar meant that the following day jumped forward by 10 days and explains why some sources date the events of the Armada 10 days later than those used here.

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