John Cabot 1450 – 1498

Born – c1450 Died – c1498 Father – Giulio Caboto Mother – Unknown Spouse – m. c1470 – Mattea Children – Ludovico, Sebastian (1474 – 1557), Sancto 1450 (around) John Cabot was born Giovanni Caboto to Giulio Caboto and his wife in Italy. His birthplace may have been Gaeta or Castiglione Chiavarese in Genoa. His … Read more

Panama Canal 1513 – Present Day

This timeline shows a chronology of the construction and expansion of the Panama Canal 1513 (during) The explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa was the first person to cross Panama. 1524 (during) Charles V of Spain, Holy Roman Emperor, wanted to find a route through Central America that would offer a direct route for ships travelling … Read more

Space Travel and Exploration 1926 – Present Day

This timeline details a history of space travel and exploration including details of the Space Race between the USA and the USSR. First Rockets 1926 (16th March) The first liquid fuelled rocket was launched by Robert Goddard. 1929 (17th July) Robbert Goddard launched a rocket carrying a barometer and a camera from Auburn, Massachussetts. 1942 … Read more