King William I (The Conqueror) of England 1027 – 1087

William I of England

Father – Robert the Magnificent
Mother – Herleve of Falaise
Spouse – Matilda of Flanders
Children – Robert, Richard, Cecilia, Adeliza, William, Constance, Adela, Agatha, Henry
King of England – 1066 – 1087
Predecessor – Edgar Aetheling
Successor –William II


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William Shakespeare 1564 – 1616


William Shakespeare


Father – John Shakespeare
Mother – Mary Arden
Spouse – Anne Hathaway
Children – Susanna, Hamnet, Judith

Please note: the exact date of publication of Shakespeare’s plays is unknown. The dates given for the writing of his plays are approximate and based on the order the plays were first performed

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King William III of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales 1650 – 1702


King William III


Father – William II Prince of Orange
Mother – Mary, daughter of Charles I
Spouse – Mary II
Children – None

King of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland 1688 – 1702
Predecessor – James II
Successor – Anne


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