Timelines of People

Anglo-Saxon and Viking
Aelfflaed of Wessex
Aelfgifu of Northampton
Aelfgifu of Shaftesbury
Aelfgifu of York
Aelfgifu (wife of Eadwig)
Aelle, King of Northumbria
Aelfthryth (wife of Edgar)
Aethelbald King of Wessex
Aethelberht, King of Wessex
Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians
Aethelflaed of Damerham
Aethelflaed the Fair
Aethelhelm of Wessex
Aethelred I, King of Wessex
Aethelred the Unready
Aethelstan King of England
Aethelwulf King of Wessex
Alfred the Great King of Wessex
Aslaug Sigurdsdottir
Bjorn (Ironside) Ragnarsson
Burgred, King of Mercia
Cnut the Great King of England
Eadgifu of Kent
Eadred, King of England
Eadwig, King of England
Ealdgyth (wife of Edmund II)
Ealhswith of Wessex
Ecgwynn of Wessex
Edgar King of England
Edgar Aetheling
Edith of Wessex
Edmund I King of England
Edmund II (Ironside) King of England
Edmund, King of East Anglia
Edward the Confessor King of England
Edward the Elder King of England
Edward the Exile
Edward the Martyr 
Egbert, King of Wessex
Emma of Normandy
Godwin of Wessex
Guthrum, Viking leader
Gytha Thorkelsdottir
Halfdan Ragnarsson
Harald Bluetooth King of Denmark
Harald Hardrada
Harold Godwinson (King Harold II) of England
Harold I (Harefoot) King of England
Harthacnut King of England
Hereward the Wake 
Ivar (the Boneless) Ragnarsson
Judith of France and Flanders
Osburgh of Wessex
Osberht, King of Northumbria
Ragnar Lothbrok
Sigurd (Snake-in-the-Eye) Ragnarsson
Sweyn Forkbeard King of England
Ubba Ragnarsson
Uhtred the Bold
Wulfthryth of Wessex b. 840
Wulfthryth of Wilton
Tudor/16th Century
Stuart/17th Century
Hanoverian/18th Century
Victorian/19th Century
20th Century
21st Century

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