Wars, 15th Century

Wars of the Roses


This timeline details all the main wars that happened during the 15th Century




10th November 1337 to 17th July 1453
Hundred Years’ War
England and Burgundy against France and Scotland
1380s to 17th February 1405
Conquests of Timur (Tamerlane)
Mongol Empire against Lands in the Middle East
Autumn 1400 to Autumn 1415
Owain Glyndwr’s Rebellion (Welsh Revolt)
Welsh against English
30th July 1419 to 30th May 1434
Hussite Wars (Bohemian Wars)
Hussites against Papal States, Hungary, Holy Roman Empire
22nd May 1455 to 16th June 1487
House of York (England) against House of Lancaster (England)
July 1467 to 1477
Onin War
Hosokawa family (Japan) against Yamana family (Japan)
October 1494 to 7th April 1498
Italian War of 1494-98
France against Naples, Venice, Papal States, Spain, Milan, Florence, England
1499 to 22nd September 1504
Italian War of 1499-1505
France, Papal States, Venice against Milan, Naples, Spain

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