Wars, 16th Century

16th Century WarsThis timeline details the main wars that happened during the 16th Century

1499 to 22nd September 1504
Italian War of 1499-1505
France, Papal States, Venice against Milan, Naples, Spain
1502 – 1600
Spanish Conquest of the Chibchan Nation
Fought between: Spain and The Chibchan
Result: Spain conquered the lands of the Chibchan people (Colombia).
10th December 1508 to August 1516
War of the League of Cambrai
League of Cambrai against Italian Republicans
February 1519 to 13th August 1521
Spanish Conquest of Mexico
Spanish Empire against Aztec Empire
May 1521 to 6th September 1566
Wars of Suleiman the Magnificent
Ottoman Empire against Hapsburg Empire, Holy Roman Empire, Hungary, Persia
Summer 1521 to Spring 1526
Italian Wars of 1521-26 (Four Years War)
France, Venice against Spanish Empire, Holy Roman Empire, England, Papal States
Summer 1526 to 15th August 1530
War of the League of Cognac
France, Venice, Florence, Milan, Papal States, England against Spanish Empire, Holy Roman Empire
Summer 1526 to 15th August 1530
Wars of the Sengoku Period
Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi against Opposition Daimyo (lords)
16th November 1532 – 24th September 1572
Spanish Conquest of the Inca People
Fought between: Spain and The Incan Empire
Result: Spain made the Incan Empire part of the Spanish Empire.
March 1562 to April 1598
French Wars of Religion
Protestants, Huguenots and England against Catholics, Catholic League, Spain
Autumn 1568 to January 1648
The Dutch Revolt (Eighty Years War)
Dutch Republicans, England, France, Nassau against Spanish Empire, Holy Roman Empire
1570 to 7th March 1573
Fifth Ottoman-Venetian War (War of Cyprus)
Ottoman Empire against Venice, Spain, Italian States
February 1587 to 18th August 1604
Anglo-Spanish War
England, Dutch Republic, France against Spanish Empire
May 1592 to December 1598
Japanese Invasion of Korea
Japan against Korea, China


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