Wars, Ancient 499 BCE to 30 BCE

Greek Wars

This timeline details all the main wars fought in the period BCE known as Ancient History

499 BCE to 449 BCE
Greco-Persian Wars
Greek City States against Persian Empire
431 BCE to 404 BCE
Peloponnesian War
Athens against Sparta
395 BCE to 387 BCE
Corinthian War
Athens against Sparta
335 BCE to 323 BCE
Wars of Alexander the Great
Macedon against Persian Empire, Greek City States, Ilyria, Thrace
280 BCE to 275 BCE
Pyrrhic War
Rome, Carthage against Greece
264 BCE to 241 BCE
First Punic War
Rome Carthage
218 BCE to 201 BCE
Second Punic War/Hannibalic War
Rome against Carthage
205 BCE to 200 BCE
Cretan War
Macedon, Aetolian League, Cretan Cities against Rhodes, Byzantium, Athens
191 BCE to 189 BCE
Aetolian War
Rome against Aetolian League
149 BCE to 146 BCE
Third Punic War
Rome against Carthage
113 BCE to 101 BCE
Cimbrian War
Rome against Germanic Tribes
88 BCE to 84 BCE
First Mithridatic War
Rome against Pontus
83 BCE to 81 BCE
Second Mithridatic War
Rome against Pontus
75 BCE to 63 BCE
Third Mithridatic War
Rome against Pontus
66 BCE to 217 CE
Roman-Parthinian War
Roman Republic/Empire against Parthinian Empire
63 BCE to 43 BCE
Roman Civil War
58 BCE to 50 BCE
Gallic Wars
Roman Empire against Gaul (France, Belgium, Britain)
49 BCE, January to 45 BCE, 17th March
Caesar’s War
Julius Caesar against Roman Senate
44 BCE to 36 BCE
Roman Civil War/Sicilian revolt
Mark Antony and Octavian against Sextus Pompey
41 BCE to 40 BCE
Perusine War/Fulvia’s civil war
Roman Republic under Octavian against Fulvia, Lucius Antonius
40 BCE to 33 BCE
Antony’s Parthinian War
Roman Republic against Parthinian Empire
32 BCE to 30 BCE
Antony’s Civil War
Mark Antony and Cleopatra against Octavian



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