Wars Fought in Africa 264 BCE to 2011

Wars in AfricaThis timeline details all the main wars that have been fought in Africa

264 BCE to 241 BCE
First Punic War
Rome against Carthage
218 BCE to 201 BCE
Second Punic War/Hannibalic War
Rome against Carthage
149 BCE to 146 BCE
Third Punic War
Rome against Carthage
533 to 534
Vandalic War (Part of the Germanic Wars)
Byzantine Empire against Vandalic Kingdom
1248, Summer to 1254, March
Seventh Crusade (Part of The Crusades)
Muslims against Christians
1270, July to 1270, 30th October
Siege of Tunis/Eighth Crusade (Part of The Crusades)
Muslims against Christians
1798, July to 1799, October
Egypt Campaign (Part of the Napoleonic Wars)
France against Great Britain, Ottoman Empire
1879, 11th January to 1879, 4th July
Anglo-Zulu War
British Empire against Zulu Kingdom
1880, 20th December to 1881, 23rd March
First Boer War
British Empire against South Africa
1883, November to 1898, September
Mahdist War
Mahdist Sudan against British Empire, Egypt, Belgium, Italy, Ethiopia
1899, 11th October to 1902, 31st May
Second Boer War (South African War)
British Empire against South African Republic, Orange Free State
1939, 1st September to 1945, 2nd September
World War II North Africa (Desert War)
Axis Powers – Germany, Italy against Allies- United Kingdom, United States, French Algeria, French Tunisia, French Morocco, Australia, Canada, Greece, New Zealand, Poland, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia
1954, 1st November to 1962, 19th March
Algerian War
Algeria against France
1967, 30th May to 1970, 15th January
Biafran War
Biafra against Nigeria
1996, 24th October to 16th May 1997
First Congo War
Zaire, Sudan and Rwandan forces against Alliance of Democratic Forces for Liberation of the Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Angola and Eritrea supported by the USA
1998, 2nd August to 2003, 18th July
Second Congo War (Great War of Africa)
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Chad, Namibia and Zimbabwe against Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi
2009, 31st January is ongoing
War in Somalia (Part of the War Against Terror) (Part of the Somalian Civil War)
Somalia, Ethiopia against Al-Qaida, Mujahedeen
2009, 26th July is ongoing
Boko Haram Insurgency
Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad against Boko Haram Terrorist Group
2010, 18th December to 2011, 14th January
Tunisian Revolution (Part of the Arab Spring)
Ben Ali government against Popular protests, demonstrations, strikes
2011, 25th January to 2011, 11th February
Egyptian Revolution (Part of the Arab Spring)
Hosni Mubarak government against Popular protests, demonstrations, strikes, self-immolation
2011, 27th January to 2012, 27th February
Yemeni Revolution
Saleh government against Popular protests, demonstrations, strikes, self-immolation
2011, 15th February to 2011, 23rd October
First Libyan Civil War (Part of the Arab Spring)
Pro-Gaddafi Forces against National Liberation Army, Qatar, NATO
2012, 16th January is ongoing
Northern Mali Conflict
Mali Government and France supported by Burundi, Chad, Gabon, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Germany, Sweden, Estonia and China against the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad and against Al Qaeda
2013, 15th December is ongoing
South Sudan Civil War
South Sudan forces supported by Ugandan and Egypt against United Nations Protection Force with Rwanda and Ethiopia against South Sudan Opposition forces
2014, 16th May is ongoing
Second Libyan Civil War
Rival factions for control of the government – House of Representatives, Government of National Accord, National Salvation Government and Islamic State/div>


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